What Does it Mean to Dream of Rose Tattoos?

The rose tattoos They have a long history that seems to start in Polynesia. It was used by the different tribes with the purpose of granting hierarchy and respect to whoever carried it within the tribal community. It started at a very young age and practically the goal was to cover the entire body. The Maori in New Zealand still keep the tradition alive and often tattoo themselves to confuse the enemy during battles.

In the case of North America, indigenous tattoos were used as part of their rituals. The passage from puberty to adulthood was the right time to get tattooed in order to protect the soul. In Central America, they were used to commemorate those who fell in battle, while in South America, they were used for their rites, but temporarily, since their pigments were composed of vegetable, animal and plant fats.

In the Far East, specifically in Japan, tattoos were banned in 1842 when the state opened to the world market, despite having been one of the most important traditions in the world.

Finally, tattoos stopped being used for decades, but with the Hippie subculture in the 60’s and 70’s they reappeared with an artistic connotation and from there, they have proliferated throughout the world.

let’s see next the meaning of dreaming about tattoos to later relate this element to the dream of rose tattoos specifically

rose tattoos on arms and hipsrose tattoos on arms and hips

What does it mean to dream of tattoos?

Dreaming of using your body as a canvas to capture ideas could be interpreted as an act of ego. In the oneiric sense it expresses too much admiration or worship of someone or something significant in your life. A way to attract people’s curiosity, to be seen, to become the center of attention. You could be keeping something a secret that, for fear of being censoredyou prefer to express it through a drawing loaded with symbology.

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What do flowers and roses in general symbolize?

The queen of flowers, as they usually call the rose, is the one with the most legends. she has been a inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artists. has become the symbol of absolute love. Thanks to rose growers, today we have an endless number of them, with different aromas and colors that are never lacking in a garden.

If in your dream with a tattoo, the flowers are the protagonists, it is time to lead a life of greater calm and emotional balance. Flowers, like roses, indicate profound changes. Free your soul and purify yourself spiritually. You must learn to forgive to heal. Live fully, it’s time.

Situations with rose tattoos

Dream that you tattoo a rose

This dream is a symbol of your own vanity. It is a clear desire want to impress. It’s a deep need stand out and be seen as unique. It can also be interpreted as aspiring to record the unforgettable moments from your past that fill you with pride.

Dream that you tattoo roses to another person

It is a sign that you want to record in that person some teaching or lessonsomething you want to convey to him but you want to make sure he doesn’t forget it.

Dreaming that you erase a tattoo of roses

You are overcoming a situation that marked you deeply and this is the time to leave behind what has hurt you.

rose tattoosrose tattoos

Dream that you stick a temporary tattoo of roses

This dream indicates that You do not want anything definitive at this time in love matters. You want to have relationships that allow you to test whether you feel comfortable or not.

Tattoos on parts of the body

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the face

This dream represents a problem that you have been manifesting with your self-esteem or your identity. On a subconscious level you would be hiding from other people. If your face is tattooed only halfwould imply that you want to remain neutral and accept Other people’s opinions cause you stress.

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the neck

Reveals information about other people’s perception of you. The neck is a very striking place for people, either for them to admire you, respect you or despise you. You must review your ways to establish communication. If in your dream someone looks at you and in his gaze there are intentions to offend, humiliate or despise you, it is because he does not trust you.

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Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the chest

These types of dreams tend to be related to love relationships. The size of the tattoo is related to the affection that you feel for someone in your family or a very close friend that could be your parents, partner or someone in particular.

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the back

This dream is a warning of disloyalty. You could experience a bad betrayal experience. If the tattoo is on the lower back it means you feel insecure or inferior.

If it is in the middle zone, symbolizes that your family or partner behaves unfairly. Above all, stay calm. If the tattoo is located in the upper part It is undoubtedly a betrayal. You must keep an eye out within your social circle.

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the arm

The dream with tattoos on the arms is related to your goals. It also invites you to review the tasks that you left pending. Do not delay some matters that cannot be postponed in your life. It is the right time to turn your routines around and move towards new things

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the hand

The hands are a symbol of confidence and security that are shown through your dream. If your dream was that you were tattooing roses then you feel confident about yourself. If you dreamed that you were shaking the hand of another person tattooed with negative symbols, it means that you should take care of that person.

rose tattoos on backrose tattoos on back

Dreaming of tattoos of roses on the legs

The dream with tattoos on the legs is a dream message about the deep traces that some pressing situations have left in your soul. It is the symbol of memories From the past. You should not allow this to bring you down, so it is recommended that you seek support from those who appreciate you

Color of the roses in the tattoo

Dreaming of a red rose tattoo

You have the charm of a red rose. Majesty defines youand. lover of respect and eternal lover of love. You have an exquisite sensual taste, like no other. You like romance and passion. Take advantage of this potential that you have to live pleasant moments with your partner.

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Dream About Pink Rose Tattoo

People look at you as a person affectionate and grateful. Nice and worthy of being admired. You feel appreciation and affection for your neighbor. you manifest devoid of malice or double intent. People can trust you. This quality is great in a human being, cultivate it.

Dreaming of a white rose tattoo

It’s a symbol of purity, peace and innocence. are you dreaming of build a solid future next to your loved one. Of a union for life. It could also be interpreted as concern for someone who is ill. It is an excellent gift of service that you possess, which is why you have the esteem of many people around you.

Dream of a yellow rose tattoo

symbolizes the satisfaction and joy. Symbol of youth. You are superstitious. Be wary of someone who gives you a yellow roseespecially if he does not belong to your social circle, since he could be hiding an ulterior motive behind his smile.

rose tattoosrose tattoos

Dream Blue Rose Tattoo

You are grateful and you show it. They transmit good energy and luck. Symbolizes relaxation and calm. Use it if you want to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home. Trust and fidelity. It represents feelings that last over time.

Dreaming of a violet rose tattoo

If you dreamed of this color of rose, you expect to live a long time and be in good health. You transmit calm and dignity. Symbolizes eternity and spirituality. It is also related to magic. It represents the affiliate love, the one you feel for your children or your parents.

Dream about black rose tattoo

Are symbol of sadness and time of separation or estrangement. You feel stuck in a particular situation. This color is loaded with mysticism, sensuality and passion. It can also symbolize death.

Dream Gray Rose Tattoo

You feel disconsolate, bored or despondent. Some pressing situation is making you feel very nostalgic and the colors in your dream are really sad.

Dream Orange Rose Tattoo

Enthusiastic and with passionate desires. Fun and happy. Satisfied with the achievements in your life, either for having started or completed them.

Dream Green Rose Tattoo

You are full of hope. Balanced and at peace with yourself. symbolizes new beginningswhether personal or business.

Dreaming of a golden rose tattoo

In reality this color of rose does not exist, therefore, you are trying to achieve something impossible.