What Does it Mean to Dream of School

The interpretation of dreaming about school is commonly that of insecurities and that your self-esteem is being affected for some problem or situation. It can carry connotations about events from your childhood that you have not overcome or traumas from the past.

Here the memories of childhood dramas are reflected, which according to their associations and nature can be bad dreams or good dreams. And if you refer to your youth, there are a number of surprising aspects that will determine instant changes; being the death or the conception of a new baby the guidelines for the transformation of your life project.

you and the school

Dream that you are at school

Dreaming that you are at school is a true reflection of the present situation in which you find yourself, faced with that proposal to venture into a demanding work project and which you can’t assume right away. The main cause is the lack of necessary knowledge, the absence of sufficient skills to resolve certain difficulties that may arise during the process.

Dream of childhood memory in your school

You feel melancholy and regret for not having paid attention to the wise words of your parents when they advised you to study, so that you could obtain a better future being someone of importance in life. In the present you understand this situation by noticing your intellectual deficiencies, a necessary condition to resolve any situation of everyday life.

dream of schooldream of school

Dream that you wear a uniform to go to school

The uniform provides you with a situation of equality, discipline, obedience and subordination, before an institution that promotes knowledge, whose rigidity in the process of training its students does not fit with your vision of freedom. You have reached the point of considering remaining in ignorance before submitting to that thing so humiliating and disrespectful of human rights.

Dream that you are in the school playground

To dream that you are in a schoolyard represents meanings related to libertarian aspects. You urgently need to get out of harassment that they have you your friends considering that you have a mind below the normal average. That fills you with anguish and contradictions that make you doubt your abilities. You have to know that you are simply different.

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Dream about your school teacher

An authority figure vigorously guides you based on their wide range of construction-related knowledge. He is a master builder with great wisdom that stems from his years of practical experience. Take advantage of him and do not contradict him even though he is lower in the work hierarchy, he remembers that The devil knows more for being old than for being a devil.

Dream that you play at school

Lately you have the habit of doing things differently and without so much methodological rigidity. You feel the need for a new beginning, to recreate as when you were a child. That innocence or purity is impossible to live again despite all the attempts you have had to achieve that purpose. Limit yourself to creative activities that connect you with other states of consciousness; but without leaving sanity.

Dream about primary school

Dream of many children going to school

You have an obsession to know what is creating existential problems for you. You live with constant anguish and anxiety because you cannot resolve what is happening to you and because you don’t know exactly what it is or where it comes from. You have had trouble falling asleep for several days. Well, it is time to urgently resort to the skills of a therapist specialized in doing studies related to the immediate and remote past.

Dream of the school bell ringing

Make yourself a call for attention so that you find a solution to the problem of your lack of attention. Review the chapters of the novel of your life and study in minute detail the cause of your dispersion and lack of concentration. It is not a matter of the present, it is enough to take the necessary time to carry out an introspection and a retrospection so that you clearly specify the reason for this situation.

Dream about a friend’s birthday at school

Recognize that the present is the mirror that reflects the history of your life authentic. Make an attempt to forget what they call the golden age, because you are creating the psychological illness that is caused by believing that everything in the past was better. Every situation is important at the time it unfolds, it is not a matter of the past, it is a matter of the ideal protagonists being there at the right time.

dream of schooldream of school

Dream about high school

Dream that you write a formula on the school blackboard

You should always keep in mind the responsibilities of adulthood, not ignore them because of your commitment to feel and be like a child. It’s fun and it even serves as therapy to highlight, from time to time, the tremendous child that is carried inside. That somewhat naive and playful side that invites you to play and be spontaneous in the things you do.

Dream that you take an exam at school

Fear and frustration because you find yourself questioned. The uncertainty of waiting is overwhelming, since there is a lot of opposition between you and whoever is looking at you critically. It is a very strong tension that is created before your judge or your executioner gives you a verdict. Whatever the result, you must still face it and assume the consequences that derive from this type of act.

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Dream that you graduate from school

Waiting for a baby will provide great changes in your current way of conceiving the world. Things will no longer focus on you as the main actor. A flow of new emotions and feelings will place you in the background, recognizing you now as a simple person who has been awarded with a big trophy. It can also be a project won for its execution thanks to your personal merits.

Dream about military school

Dream that you stand in line at the military school

Vices that you acquired deeply marked your personality and because they were not corrected at the right time, specifically in your childhood stage, they come to life and are strongly pronounced in the present. disciplinary rigor What is now imposed on you so that you assume a different behavior is the clamor of your relatives.

Remember how harmful this contact with vices is and above all with undesirable people who induce you to consume, whom you you can’t give them credit for being your friends anymore. The first thing to consider is the creation of a strict program with the help of a specialist in the field, dedicated to the care of young people with this problem.

Dream that you do military exercises at school

Are you worried about your physical appearance? Do not forget that doing exercises in a messy and improvised way can end up being unpleasant. A muscle tear or atrophy, among other things, can be caused by the lack of proper routine or adequate planning that considers your state of health, even more so when you do not count on the years of youth.

dream of schooldream of school

Dream that you wear a military uniform at school

In the absence of an authority figure, given your talents and stubborn character, you consider that you can assume that responsibility within the family. You have forgotten that to be a leader external appearance and character are not enough; This also requires adequate training and for this there are specialized schools in this regard. If you like to show off authority be prepared for that.

Dream About Aviation School

It is your great desire to have wings to fly. You are not satisfied with the mere fact of boarding an airplane and crossing the sky governed by traffic directed from a control tower. what you really want is walk free on the horizon and enter the most remote spaces to observe everything from above. For now, try to practice some extreme sport similar to what you long for.

Dream about school of sailors

One of the great dreams of your life is to have a house near the sea to make that contact and everything that derives from it. It is wanting to make a different way of life in the face of nonconformity for living in the city of concrete and smoke. You need a lot of peace and states of relaxation conquered from what the maritime natural environment.

Dream about a school of animals

Dream that you train dogs at school

Excessive love for animals leads you to conceive and apply wrong ideas of humanizing them. It is correct to give them adequate attention without losing their natural condition, without subjecting them to the suffering of getting used to the customs of humans. get out of that paranoia to suffocate and suffocate the poor little animals and see how you reflect on all of that.

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Dream that you tame horses at school

You have a desire to submit that stuns those around you and consequently affects your socialization. It is a behavior that you drag from school in your interaction with classmates. You always thought that being the tallest and strongest gave you a special condition to do your will in the room. The present is different, adapt.

Dream that you train animals in a circus school

Social actors are independent in personality and act according to their preparation for life. Wanting to channel them towards what you want without counting on the help and collective authorization it is a mistake that can lead to the failure of your community purpose. Reflect and plan your activities with the participation of all.

dream of schooldream of school

dream of fantastic school

dream of magic school

There is no need to become a sorcerer without knowing herbs. Before starting any ritual it is necessary to know its constituent elements and especially the defense instruments in case it happens some situation that escapes your domains. This is a more explored field than people think, but for reasons of prejudice it remains hidden. It can be of great help as long as it is handled correctly.

Dream about astrology school

Exploring the occult sciences is wonderful and even more so when you delve into knowledge that dates back to ancient times. want to investigate know the mysteries of your existence It can be exciting, especially to get to know yourself in the search for understanding of why and what you are in this world for.

Dream about Harry Potter school

It is your wish to become a great cartoon hero to let your imagination and fantasy fly like you did when you were a child. Escape from the horrible everyday life that immerses you in activities to try to solve material situations that imply daily living. Create your own space to empathize with the beauty of that world that is so rich and that is still important to you.

Dream about school of arts and crafts

Dream About Cooking School

Those disasters that you remember when you were a child as a cook and thanks to the fact that many were fictitious you didn’t create chaos in your kitchen at home. It is never too late to take up those childish initiatives that were looming never channeled talent. Keep trying to be the great cook but with your respective recipes.

Dream about theater arts school

You have a special ability to transform things, above all to vary situations to create a great game to entertain and please others. That beautiful emotion that you bring since the first time you recited a poem at school, has marked your life to the extent that you always come out with different faces to live your fantasies as your own way to recreate yourself.