What Does it Mean to Dream of Spirits or Ghosts

The ghosts in our dreams are the specters of our past, which we do not let go of. Dreaming of ghosts shows us spirits obsessed with appearing. They are just images that appear to get our attention and tell us that there is something we must let go of. It means duality and indirect relationship with death. It is the possibility that there is something beyond life. This dream makes you think about it. And it takes you to that plane that is very difficult to access when you are awake.

They are interpreted as duality that exists between our body and our mind. It is an indirect relationship with death. We often begin to think that we are going to die one day. Some say that dreaming of spirits or ghosts is the announcement of death in our immediate surroundings, while others say that on the contrary it is long life.

Both ways of seeing it are reasonable because everything will depend on the context in which the ghosts appear in our dream. It may happen that some wise familiar, one of those with a lot of experience, has advised you and you have not paid attention to them. The ghosts represent here, the voice of this person, who visits you to tell you to listen to them.

dream with spiritsdream with spirits

Dream that you have a ghost at home

You have fears associated with immaturity, you believe that something is going to happen to you and you are not visualizing what is really happening. The ghost is only an alert that you should check that desire to believe that you are only safe inside the house. You feel fear everywhere, insecurities and therefore you take refuge in the house.

Courage in the face of the various issues that you have to face is very important. Try to analyze why you fear so much. It is not natural or normal for this to happen. Possibly you have been overprotected and this has currently brought you this consequence.

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Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend or family member turned into a ghost

When you dream of a ghost incarnated by a former partner; girlfriend or boyfriend, represents that you are a person who shows fears before what they will say. You are worried about the opinion that others may have of you and you live aware of it. Ghosts are the past in the love sense, it’s that memory that you still haven’t let go of or a cycle that you haven’t let close. You think you can

This dream shows that you are feeling that a relative is representing a burden for you that you cannot continue to carry. Perhaps you made a promise in the past and you are still carrying the feeling of guilt for not being able to fulfill this unfinished business. Perhaps this is not directly related to the person you dreamed of, but it must be with someone from the family group in general. You should check which person this dream will refer to in your life.

dream of dead parents

It is associated with need for affection, love and protection. Sometimes you feel lonely and aimless. You must learn to trust the people around you who love you much more.

Dream with the spirit of a child

Dreaming of ghosts or spirits of children is related to your most genuine emotions. The dream invites you to see very internally, what is that trait of you that is the one that identifies you the most.

Dream of the ghost of a deceased person

You feel very good and at peace with that person. You have no guilt or remorse, because you were a good person with her.

Dream of the ghost of a living person

You must be very attentive, because someone plots something against you. Take a good look at your work environment or a neighbor and you will surely see traces of what he is up to. It is possible that if you discover him before he acts, you will see him give up his purpose.

dream of deaddream of dead

If you dream that you become a ghost

Is there a relationship or situation you need to close. You can’t handle it anymore and you’re looking for a way out, but it’s costing you a lot. Have confidence because you will achieve it. You will have to make a lot of effort for it.

Dreaming of a white, black or invisible ghost

In the dream where it appears in black or white, in both cases it refers to a problem. One referring to the past and present and the other to the future. But if it refers to an invisible one, it is a personal attitude that you must correct immediately. Let’s see its meaning

Dream of a ghost dressed in black

You carry a very heavy load. your energies are weak. Perhaps many things have gone wrong for you and that has brought you this consequence. There have been situations that have generated tensions and have weakened you a lot. Family problems have overwhelmed you and you are currently crestfallen, without any encouragement at all.

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Something is causing you a lot of pain and you cannot act, your feet literally weigh you down to walk. You must solve this situation soon, because it creates the right conditions for you to get sick.

Dream about white spiritss

If when you saw the ghost you felt fear, it means that some problem will appear in your life and you will have to draw strength and courage to face it. If, on the other hand, you felt comfortable with his presence, surely you will succeed in the times to come. Luck accompanies you and you should take advantage of receiving the benefits that it brings you.

Dream that an invisible ghost

Something is happening in your environment that you are not looking at, or paying attention to. Are letting time pass and you do not take care of that matter. It may be that someone needs you, and you have not realized it.

It may also be that there is an opportunity that is hanging around you and you are not perceiving it. It is possible that you miss a great opportunity in your life by not being attentive to this.

dream of black ghostsdream of black ghosts

Dream of an animal ghost

you should check what traits of that animal are failing youFor example, if the ghost is of a dog, you should think about your courage, your youth and your unconditional love. If the ghost dog is also black, it means that you will soon see the death of a very close relative.

Returning to the case mentioned above, about the traits that you lack in the dream animal, If it were a cat, check how cautious you are, your personal care, your sagacity, among other characteristics of a cat.

But if it were an owl, exceptionally, it refers to the presence of the divinity and the universe in our lives, for the good deeds you have done.

Dream that a ghost attacks you

In some cases the ghosts attack you, let’s see their meaning, depending on how their action is.

Dream that a ghost is chasing you

There are many fears you must overcome. You are a prisoner of these sensations that sometimes do not allow you to live in peace. Your head does not stop thinking about things that you fear. You are insecure and therefore do not take risks. That ghost is the representation of the fear that haunts you. You must resolve the issue that has you so fearful.

Dreaming that a spirit or ghost attacks you

You have enemies and you must be alertWell, you don’t know. This enemy is looking for an opportune moment to give you a hard time.

They can be several people who plan to annoy you. You must be very aware of the words of those around you, because in them you will be able to discover who or what it is about. Do not allow this to harm or hold you back. Just try to get rid of those ill-intentioned people. You know there are plenty of those kinds of people everywhere.

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Dream that a ghost crushes you and disables you

Something related to your childhood and adulthoodit is revealing itself, it is a way you have of not wanting to leave childhood or adolescence, it is a constant desire from the past, which does not let you mature, or accept that you are no longer a child or young person.

It can even occur in older people who yearn for the past and live only thinking about it. The mind is telling you to wake up, because time can no longer be retraced. You must be clear about the age you currently have and accept it, and accept yourself as you are and as you are.

Dream that a spirit or ghost wants to kill you

This dream represents our inner strength and maturity with which you face every setback. There is a present reflection on the security that there is nothing so difficult that it cannot be overcome.

dream with your spiritdream with your spirit

Dream that a spirit speaks to you in a friendly way

You must change. You are not paying attention to some people around you. you have forgotten friends. You let time pass and you don’t give them a call or a visit. You’re walking away every time and that’s not good for you or them. Those people are part of your life and you cannot suddenly ignore them.

You don’t finish meeting your friends, because you walk away without notice or reason. Your social relationships are important, you cannot live isolated from people who care about you. Look for a space of time, to amend this carelessness and error.

Dream that you touched a ghost and it did not disappear

Is your relation to something that has happenedThat somehow you don’t let go Perhaps that relationship was very important to you and you are currently remembering what you experienced. That situation or person left a mark on your life and you often go to their memory. That is why this ghost does not disappear. It appears as if it still haunts you, as much as you want to get it out of your life.

Dream about ghosts with chains

This dream indicates that there is a strong attachment to the past. You should know that you have to get rid of what is no longer there, due to whatever circumstance it was. You cannot continue clinging to memories of a situation, a house, a partner, a job, some friends, a pet, etc. You need to let go of whatever is holding you back.

While you are like this, sadness and inaction accompany you. That is why your plans remain in the pipeline and do not flow.