What Does it Mean to Dream of Swords, Knives or Katanas?

In short, dreaming of swords symbolizes the existence of a fighting force, courage, life force, passion, anger, rage. It also represents triumph, dream achievements, work and social recognition, creativity, imagination.

It is important then to know what weapon is dreamed of and in what circumstances it appears. The risk is always present before this dream. Traditionally, cutting weapons are called bladed weapons. Dreaming of them always leaves a strange impression on the dreamer, because they always appear impressive.

In this article you will see various meanings or interpretations of possible dreams with these three bladed weapons: Swords, Katanas and Knives. One of them has a general symbology that we offer you below:

Swords They symbolically show that there is a combative force in the environment. Power is associated with vital force and courage. Also with mixed emotions between passion and anger.

the katana It is a Japanese saber that has an important symbolism, related to the ambition of the human being, with the need for recognition and prestige. It highlights the spirit of competition, but it also exalts nobility. For this reason, when you dream of a katana, the interpretations revolve around these issues.

The knives They do not represent good omens, this object is usually associated with sentimental breakups and serious economic problems

Dream with Swords

Dream that you have a sword in your hands

Are you looking to get a recognition at social and labor level. According to this dream you will be able to achieve it. You are stubborn and you always look for what you want to obtain. You don’t rest and that’s why you see success on many occasions.

dream of magic swords

Surely you have been watching TV series about superheroes or epic themes and you have taken to the dream, the images. This dream is really not very important because it is only a reflection of what is in your creativity and imagination.

It is certain that you are a person with a very acute inventiveness and you put yourself in the shoes of the protagonists of your films in dreams. Don’t worry about this dream, it’s just that your mind wants to fly a little.

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In the cinema, fairy tales, poetry, among other creative expressions, the sword appears as a central and determining element. For this reason, it is very likely that you will relive them in your dream world.

dream of spades playing cardsdream of spades playing cards

Dream card spades (deck)

Something in your immediate environment is rarefied and will generate you serious conflicts that will significantly affect your life. You must prepare yourself and review at a glance which people have been around you and which ones you may have had differences with, because that is the way in which disagreements come.

Dreaming of the Ace of Spades

It is a dream that warns you that you are in danger. You may be attacked by a stranger or you may have a serious family fight. The consequences of this event will always be serious. You must move more cautiously.

Be careful in the places you frequent, if they are public places, all the more reason. Assaults, robberies, street fights, they can happen. Perhaps if you are not the protagonist, at least you will be a good spectator and this will affect you.

Dream that you wield a military sword

You have desire to be the one in control of situations. You would love to have a place of command in your work. In your relationships you want to be the one who makes the decisions, without taking into account that of others. It is a very strong and overwhelming personal characteristic.

You want to be the “king” and rule the rest. But it turns out that others are not always willing to let themselves be controlled by you, and that is where conflicts begin.

Dreaming that the sword is taken from your hand

The projects you propose will not work out for you, your objectives are greatly affected. You will be depressed by it. This is not a good time to make plans of any kind.

No trips, no removals, no job changes, etc. Everything must be suspended for a few days, perhaps a month. Meanwhile, go thinking about each matter, it is possible that this time allows you to reconfigure each matter.

Dreaming that other people wield swords

you will live very difficult and challenging times. Danger stalks you. Obstacles will jump out at you. Your relationships in general should take care of them. Take care of your family, protect your belongings. Don’t expose yourself in inappropriate places. Caution is the call of this dream.

dream of a broken sword

Clearly this dream indicates failures in all endeavors that you are considering. You will not see good results in anything. It is sad but this dream is forceful and you should pay attention to it. Don’t let this moment devastate you. He only analyzes each thing and waits for the opportune moment to resume the projects.

Dreaming that another person hurts you with a sword

for some reason there conflicts related to your morality. Review your behavior in society so that you know why they see you in this way, which is what you are projecting. With some ways of being you are not looking very good to people. This is not good for you, as it tarnishes your personality.

Dream that you practice fencing

you will argue strongly with someone very close to you. This will discourage you, you should avoid it if possible, because the discussion will really bring you serious consequences. Watch your words, be calm and patient when speaking. Avoid major conflicts.

dream with katanadream with katana

Dreaming that you fight but you are not hurt

you will come out graceful of adverse circumstances that are coming Be patient with this and be confident. This will be what will help you succeed. Do not give up, be thankful that the dream has occurred to tell you how much you should take care of yourself.

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Dreaming that you fight and come out victorious

You are a very strong entrepreneur. Be confident in what you propose to do. If you have any inconvenience, you will surely get to the root of the problem to solve it. You really are very strong.

Dreaming of a sword fight

They are problems that are yet to come and that you will have to face like a warrior. Do not let adversity be more than your will. This dream looks very good, it highlights your strength and mettle to fight for what you want. If what you want is to get out of the problem, you will achieve it.

Dreaming that one person attacks another using a sword

In your close environment there must be someone who is generating conflicts, to you or to other people of your affections. She tries to identify who it could be, so you can stop her in time.

Katana Dream

Dream that you are brandishing a katana

You are ambitious and your character is competitive. You like power and prestige and you do everything to get it. You feel very manly if the dreamer is of the male sex, that is, that you manhood is very powerful.

Dream that you have a hanging katana

You stand out publicly to the point of receiving honors. Take advantage of this gift that you have to push yourself towards great projects. Recognition will be very valuable to you in these times. Feel very happy about it.

dream sworddream sword

Dreaming you have the katana raised in front of you

You will be able to beat everything the one who wants to violate you. There will be no enemy that can with your strength and assertiveness. The confidence that this dream inspires in you is unmatched. You will be able to cope with everything that comes your way. You will inspire others with your attitude

Dreaming that you carry a katana and fight against a friend

That person who fights with you in dreams is not worthy of your trust. Be careful with her because he wants to see you bad. But you you will know how to defend yourself and come out victorious. This omen is unfortunate, because you love your friends, but it is better to know in time who you can really count on your list of true friends.

Dreaming that you fight with a stranger with a katana

You know how to play fair. You do not do it from behind, your attacks or defenses are frontal. That’s a nice trait. You have great morals and that stands out to you. You do not like to take advantage of others and that projects you with a totally trustworthy being.

Dreaming that you fight with a katana against a relative

It is a positive dream that indicates that although you will have a serious discussion with your family, both parties will put above it, honor and mutual respect.

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Dreaming that your partner uses a katana but you don’t have one

The katana is a male phallic symbol. If the one who carries the katana is the woman, then you have to check how the balance of dominance between the two is. It seems that she is the one who dominates. If you like it that way, there is no problem.

Dream About Ornate Katana

the katana means nobility and if it is decorated it will surely indicate much more prestige. You check in your workplace if You are one step away from some recognition public.

Dreaming of a katana with a square hilt

You have many immovable convictions. You may need to be flexible at times. You are perhaps very rigid and that in the end who disturbs you the most is you. Loosen up a bit.

Dreaming of a katana with a round hilt

You know solve flowing with mental flexibility. Everything for you has a solution. It is a positive dream, which speaks very well of your way of being. You don’t complain about issues, but instead you look for positive solutions once and for all.

Dreaming of ostentatious katana

You need to project your image in the world. You don’t like anonymity, you like to stand out. That’s not bad, just don’t debase yourself in front of others, arrogance won’t do you any good.

dream knifedream knife

Dreaming of the saya of the katana

You know how to stay out of trouble. You set limits so that no problem weakens you. You know perfectly how far you should occupy yourself or when to retire.

Dream About Knives

Dream that you cut yourself with a knife

It is a sign of serious trouble. This must be a very conflictive moment in your life, be it with family, friends or the workplace. Perhaps you are generating disagreements with some opinion or attitude. Analyze before it’s too late.

Dreaming that you cut or hurt someone with a knife

There will be a very radical twist in your life, for better or worse, it will be very abrupt. You must analyze how your present circumstances are to know how to prepare, to celebrate or to cry.

This dream indicates mistrustSometimes you distrust yourself, your abilities and you are fearful, which is why your ideas do not emerge to go after better routes and paths in life.

Dreaming that someone cuts you with a knife

This is a sign of betrayal. In your work, family or even partner environment, you should see how your relationships are, so that you are not surprised by what is being announced in the dream.

Dreaming of an old or very damaged knife

You are insecure and this affects you in your projects. You doubt your abilities, you are afraid of making mistakes and you do not see that you are doing everything perfectly. There are important opportunities to which you sometimes close, just for fear of making a mistake.

Dreaming of a very sharp knife

You are very determined and you fear nothing. You are willing to fight despite adversities, obstacles and setbacks. You are strong and everyone notices it. You talk a lot, try to control that aspect.

Dream that you cut an object with a knife

Is he breach of some friendly relationship of years or that you have had as very important to you. The problems will gradually appear and little by little you will see that nothing remains of the relationship.