What Does it Mean to Dream of the Afterlife?

There are things that happen to you and when trying to give it a justification, they become a mysterious event for which You can’t find any possible logical explanation. That encourages you to research and learn new things, to try to understand the unimaginable that can exist beyond what is rationally assimilable and admissible.

You will begin by opening astral planes that will begin to make you a sentient being, magical portals to a parallel world that will guarantee the creation of a channel of communication with beings imperceptible to the five senses that are found in other existential dimensions: entities, entities, the dead, spirits, angels, etc.

As you enter those areas that you have never explored and from which you have never received information that is at least close to understanding the existence of this phenomenon, it may be worth considering that you are evolving within a schizophrenic process. But you must be clearly aware that you are penetrating the depths of an area that shows the world from an irrational visionfor those who do not live it and much less for those who do not share it.

Deceased relatives in the afterlife

Dreaming that you found deceased relatives in the afterlife

you find yourself down a feeling of guilt caused by a lawsuit you had with someone who enjoys your affections. You made a harsh claim on him and that strongly affected his emotions. This dream sends you a message that your loved ones send you from beyond, so that you resort to forgiveness therapy and balance yourself with a little relief and peace, so that you get out of that sadness before it turns into unbearable depressions.

Dreaming of your partner drowning in a clean lagoon in the afterlife

There is a special occupation on your part to establish profound changes in your relationship. You want to turn around completely in order to recover and consolidate the sentimental harmony lost due to emotional shocks. Emphasizing working for peace and driving tranquility would be ideal to resume the new beginning of a home full of happiness.

dream of the afterlifedream of the afterlife

Dreaming of your partner drowning in a dirty lagoon in the afterlife

What happens to your partner is that he is immersed in an unpleasant situation with mixed emotions that causes him a lot of confusion. She is anchored in past experiences that filled her with happiness and that are now gone. If you wish keep that mess You must dedicate a lot of time to it, have great patience and strive to see if you achieve something good from what it announces is the end.

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Dreaming that you find a deceased relative lost in the afterlife

Surely you have a special sensitivity that favors you to open channels of communication with relatives of yours who are dead and who wish to convey a message. When you have this type of dream, it is indicating that the deceased needs help from you. In the limbo that he finds himself, he still does not recognize the space to which he belongs, so he needs you to establish the means to help him locate himself in the afterlife.

Dreaming of your parents coming back to life from the afterlife

The presence of deceased parents in a dream indicates that they become visible to warn you about quite a risky situation what is coming to you Parents are the main protectors from the day you were born and that exclusive and disinterested condition transcends to the afterlife. So pay close attention and let yourself be carried away by the message of prevention and specifically security that you get in the dream.

Other dead in the afterlife

Dreaming of the death scythe in the afterlife

The deceased are telling you that you need to make profound changes with the people and the place you live. There are unpleasant people there who precisely do not have the best intentions with you and from whom you should take care. You need to specify who is who in your house and what each one is after. Your enemies want to drop and clean table and it is possible that little by little they take away your belongings.

Dreaming that your parents come with death from the afterlife

It is time to prepare to assume the travell Whit out return, that is to say, the abandonment of this physical and earthly plane to undertake the transfer to the world of the afterlife, another dimension of the superior states of being. The idea of ​​your parents appearing in a dream announces the correct orientation, so you cannot feel any kind of fear for the new course that your existence continues.

dream of the afterlifedream of the afterlife

Dreaming that you find deceased friends with a pleading attitude in the afterlife

The deceased close to you He went to the other plane leaving things pending e this system of perceptible things. Above all, these debts have affected the emotional area, which has created a communication bridge between the two dimensions. Usually these situations are related to the feeling of guilt.

Both beings, both those from the hereafter and those from here, need to consider strategies to express their apology and forgiveness wholeheartedly. The purpose pursued by this dream is assume life in peacefree of remorse and with the tranquility that beings of both planes demand.

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Dreaming that you talk to a dead person in the afterlife

From the afterlife it is being announced to you that lately you are observing inappropriate behavior and that you are also violating the norms of morality and good customs. This fact puts your state of mental health and your acceptance within the social group at imminent risk. It is time to start changes and you are warned to assume it so that you enjoy a balance within your society, since you are already beginning to feel rejection and some contempt.

Dead that come and go from the afterlife

To dream that you return dead from the afterlife

It is possible that during the dream you have had a disconnection of all your senses and your spirit managed to open portals and enter other extra-sensory planes. That obstacle that does not let you solve the problem that haunts you will finally be able to eliminate it. It is enough to have deep meditations and discover and grasp the solution that you have always had there.

Dreaming of a dead woman that haunts you from the afterlife

This dream is associated with Diseases of the body. From other spheres of your existence they are warning you about your delicate state of health to which you have not given the care it deserves. Pay special attention to this situation, because it may seem silly and unimportant to you, but carelessness allows the disturbance to progress in silence and can mean a worsening with a fatal outcome.

Dreaming of a dead woman who rises from the afterlife

They come back to torment you the problems of the past associated with your emotional lack of control, specifically the presence of your ex-partner with whom you think you still feel sentimentally connected. Yours is a matter of pride and ego for the mere fact that you were abandoned in full fervor of passion, which caused wounds in your heart and your greatest desire is revenge. Wrap that person in a love situation and then reverse the ending and be the one to abandon them.

Dreaming of the living dead coming from the afterlife

It seems that you have a great experience in the things of life but your authentic personality betrays you. Are you still attached to the idea that You want to solve everything with a group of friends that you always frequent; but you have not realized that they represent an obstacle for you to have a correct evolution and maturation. You must cut the dependency with those interactions and begin to consider the actions of your responsibilities from your own efforts.

dream of the afterlifedream of the afterlife

other things from beyond

Dreaming that you are dreaming of a deceased sleeping next to you

You feel overwhelmed because there is no way to solve a problematic situation that torments you. Having had a sexual experience outside of your formal partner, resulted in a series of blackmail and bribery for your firm decision not to continue with that relationship. That third person is in love and is not willing to give up her passionately erotic desires.

These types of situations are very difficult to handle when people get too involved. Introducing a third person into your affective relationship is something very dangerous and means showing in risk your emotional stabilityand consequently you are affecting the spaces of harmony acquired with so many efforts to consolidate the ideal home that you like so much.

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Dreaming of feeding on a deceased in the afterlife

This is a clear sign of having an excellent state of physical, mental and social health, so it is announced that you will have a long life full of the proper functioning of your sensitive faculties. Having been careful of a healthy and properly oriented diet resulted in a positive reward, enjoying favorable physical conditions even in mature age.

Dreaming of the dead floating in the water of the afterlife

Do not worry too much about the situation in which your dead are in the afterlife. If you dreamed that they are calmly floating in the water, it is clear evidence that they are at peace and enjoying an enviable tranquility.

Unless the water is dirty because it is an indication that from here it is necessary to do activities that involve cleaning the soul of the deceased. Contact the priests and other specialists who are in charge of these trades that the deceased require to better evolve on other planes.

Dream that you are praying in the afterlife

You are being watched, criticized and your behavior is being questioned. apparently you are deviating from what is called the right path, and you are committing irregularities that will bring you very uncomfortable consequences associated with legal issues, a delicate state of health and you could even find death. As much as your protectors collaborate with you from the afterlife, you need to do your part from here.

To dream that the afterlife was a beautiful garden

The attitudes with which you have favored both the people around you as well as your relatives have earned you a great prize. you have done creditor of earthly paradise and all the wonder that implies. A perfect state of well-being at all levels and an abundance of all the good things you desire will guarantee you an optimal life covered in healthy pleasures and in harmony with the duty of the church.

dream of the afterlifedream of the afterlife

To dream that the afterlife was heaven

You are entering large states of human existence, of detachment of your subhuman part, ridding yourself of dark emotions that have harmed you to date. You are freeing yourself from perverse feelings that have tied you to meanness. You have a spiritual elevation that you must hold on to and make an extraordinary effort to maintain it.👻

Dreaming of an afterlife in darkness

You are living the infradimensional part of your existence, in full harmony with your own hells. If you are evaluated from a religious point of view, it would be considered that you are an inveterate and incessant sinner, consuming your vital energy in the consumption of forbidden pleasures and vices. You are transforming into a gloomy, cold and heartless being.

Dreaming of an illuminated afterlife

You are a transparent being who has developed the sense to be able to grasp beyond normal. You have the sensitivity to activate your senses in the clear perception of things unknown to many people. You are a being of light who should take advantage of these faculties to guide and support actions that tend towards the healing of humanity.