What Does it Mean to Dream of Vomiting

In the world of dreams, vomiting is the rejection and desire to expel something that is hurting you. Dreaming of vomiting has positive and liberating meanings, since it is a way to drain and balance the stability between body and mind.

Therefore, when a person is experiencing situations of great stress or is facing great difficulties in their environment, it is very possible that they dream of vomiting as a sign of potential alarm.

Seeing someone vomit can represent a strong failure in work or social environment. It is a harbinger of a disease. It refers to your love relationship. You have a problem that you must solve quickly. You are freeing yourself from a threatening situation.

this dream too has positive meanings and liberating, since it is a way of draining and balancing the stability between body and mind. There are repressed feelings that want to emerge explosively.

dream of vomitingdream of vomiting

Dream of seeing other people

Seeing other people throwing up

When in the dream we see other people vomit, it means that we are probably object of betrayal by people from our environment but who are not so close, who seek their own undeserved benefits thanks to our work or knowledge.

Seeing a friend throwing up

If in the dream we see a friend vomit, it is because we know internally that he is in trouble, that need our help immediately, but does not dare to express it publicly. It is in our hands to allow the level of anguish to drop and overcome the trance.

Seeing another person vomiting blood

This is a reflection of hidden feelings that can be related to hatred or ill will towards someone that has not been openly expressed, so visualizing him suffering and vomiting blood is the way to drain, It is a wake-up call to review our feelings.

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Seeing other people throwing up food

When you dream of seeing other people vomiting food, it is not a good omen, this dream is related to irremediable economic losses Due to the actions of partners who do bad business, we must be aware of possible bankruptcies.

See vomiting in public

Seeing someone vomit in public represents that you are close to a big failure that can irremediably affect you if you are not careful and do things correctly in the work or social environment.

dream of seeing ourselves

See us vomiting blood

If you dream that we vomit blood, it is an omen that something is wrong and it is possible the presence of a serious illness in us or in someone close to us, it is a warning that should not be missed. This can also manifest itself frequently when we suffer from constant bad moods with our relatives for no apparent reason.

See us throwing up food

When we dream that we are vomiting food, we refers to our love relationshipsymbolizing that our relationship is not at its best, that it will fracture impulsively and in order not to lose our esteem it is better to move away as soon as possible.

See us vomiting viscera

It is a premonitory dream, if we see ourselves vomiting the viscera we are referring to an accident or very close tragedy is about to happen. It is good to be safe at all times, at work and at home.

See us vomiting worms

When we dream that we vomit worms, it is indicating that we have a problem that we must resolve quicklyit may be that in the workplace someone is harassing us for some action that we have carried out consciously or unconsciously

dream of vomitingdream of vomiting

See us satisfied after vomiting worms

When we dream that we vomit worms and we feel satisfied after doing so, it is indicating that we are making good decisions for troubleshoot in the workplace that have us harassed and in a bad mood.

See us vomiting mucus or slime

If we dream that we are vomiting some mucous or slime, it is giving us signs that soon we will free ourselves from threatening situation that has kept us tense and worried.

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See us vomiting excrement

When we see ourselves vomiting excrement, we can interpret it with the strong need that we feel internally for undo our fearswhich make us feel locked or pigeonholed at the same point without moving forward, perhaps symbolizes that we have carried out a morally questionable action for others.

See us vomit in open spaces

When we dream of vomiting in an open space, it is a sign of fear that we feel power make an ass of oneself before other people, causing us stress, pressure, anguish, which can also cause us wake up with a start.

See us throwing up in a public bathroom

If we dream that we vomit in a public bathroom, it is indicating that we are not in good health or that we may soon face difficulties. In this sense, we must be attentive to any situation that generates suspicion of any discomfort, both physical and mental.

See us sick and throwing up

If we dream that we vomit due to some disease, it represents that we face moments of impotence or decompensation and that will be perceived soon, seriously affecting our physical health. Preventive medical check-ups should be considered.

See us making each other vomit

Dreaming that we make ourselves vomit, represents that we face strong self-esteem issuesthat we are afraid of not being accepted as we are, so we must simulate before others, it is necessary to take measures to overcome this feeling not to reach self-destruction.

See scattered vomit on the floor

To dream that we are in an enclosure and we see vomit on the floor, it would be interpreted that there is someone there who is doing unflattering comments about us to others, putting us wrong to a group, it is necessary to find out who it is to clarify things and not trust that person anymore.

dream of vomitingdream of vomiting

See us throwing up liquor

To dream that we are in a place drinking liquor openly and that suddenly we vomit what we have consumed, symbolizes that we must get away from all the excesses that we have been committing, of all kinds that affect our physical and mental health. It warns us that we must control ourselves before we destroy ourselves accordingly.

vomit and colors

See us throwing up something white

Although the color white is a symbol of the goodness and purity of the soul, when this color appears in our dreams in the form of vomit, it is foreshadowing that we can suffer from a mild health malaisethat with due care should not be complicated and we will have prompt improvement.

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See vomit that changes color

Dreaming of seeing vomit that changes color is an indication that we are behaving inappropriately with someone close and we feel sorry for it and we must make the necessary corrections to correct the fault. It can also be an alert that we are making a few mistakes in our lives.

See yellow vomit

Dreaming of seeing yellow vomit is a premonition that we must be attentive to what we eat, since we may be prone to food poisoning. spoiled food or poisoning.

See vomiting green mucus

Dreaming of seeing vomit of green mucus and it may be lucky, it is telling us that we are overcoming the stumbling blocks of a problem that he had us tense and that we will get out of it faster than we expected. The universe is conspiring in our favor and we will have a streak of fortune and achievement.

But if the green vomit is food product, you’re not so lucky, you’re telling us that we will have a bad financial streak and that some proposed business will not give good results.

dream of vomitingdream of vomiting

Other interpretations of vomiting

See us vomiting milk

If in our dream we see vomit that is milk or any type of dairy food, it may mean that we are about to lose large amounts of moneydue to inexperience or unjustified recklessness, we must be attentive to the responsibilities contracted.

Dream of cleaning up vomit

Dreaming of cleaning vomit is the most direct dream that can occur, it means that we should clean up our messes or mistakesYes, we have done some things wrong, causing harm to third parties, so we can consider it a dream of reflection and personal growth.

Dream about dog vomiting

Dreaming of dog vomit, since the dog is the representation of loyalty and sincere friendship, this dream can symbolize, a feeling of helplessness and remorse when we feel guilty for not being able to help someone we know to be innocent and defenseless towards certain circumstances in life.

Dream of vomiting as a child

Dreaming of vomiting as a child, like the vomiting of a baby, is referring to us that we are acting immature towards some events that should be treated with greater formality on our part for the good of a group, it is time to leave irreverence towards life.