What Does it Mean to Dream of Waves

It is a perceptive experience that when you wake up makes you feel relaxed The quality and purity of that water, which appears in your dreams, will depend on the state of emotions. They are expressions of passion. have been linked with depictions of intrauterine lifetransit in the maternal womb and the delivery.

It could be affirmed that the dream contents, where water plays an essential role, represent human emotions, so the state of emotions will depend on the quality and purity of that water, which appears in your dreams.

In the realm of dreams, waves are welcome representations for those who are pleased by the life they lead and, surely, expressions of passion for surfers.

dream of wavesdream of waves

Dreaming of waves: what are these water currents like?

When the water is in movement forming waves, it is important to clarify what type of waves they are, how they originate and their scope. From there, multiple interpretations jump; big waves differ from small ones, not only because of the size, but also because of the way it affects you in the dream. Internal fears find in these dream contents one of their best representations.

Like the waves of the sea, life is a continuous swing. Dreaming of the waves of the sea, dreaming of water, which comes and goes without stopping, is the best metaphor for human existence. The lows and highs, the crests and indentations of the waves, symbolize both the good times and the not so good ones.

When we dream of the waves of the sea, the various elements that determine the human life and the impossibility of controlling every aspect of it. Like waves, chance is a component that is outside the human domain. All doubts within the interpretation of dreaming with waves warn of uncertainty, for better or for worse.

Dreaming of waves: what is the symbolic meaning?

The waves of the sea symbolize the more diverse situations that take place in life. The waves dreamily portray the ephemeral events, joy and sadness, go hand in hand, constantly taking turns. Dreaming of waves carries with it this symbolic charge, because everything happens and the waves of the sea do not stop coming and going.

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The waves are moving like happiness or pain. Life is finite, but what is important is that constant evolution, which the unconscious seems to find in the metaphor of the waves.

The dream with waves symbolizes, in general, evolutionary changes in your life, produced by external factors and personal decisions. It is possible that the dream with waves indicates that there is a difficulty that you must attend to and overcome. The waves fluctuate in size, like the vicissitudes that may arise.

In this variety of representations you may see receding waves, as if it were moving away from you. Just let those problems, which are yours, take their course, because they are no longer important. Let’s look especially at some other wave dream revelations.

dream of wavesdream of waves

Dreaming of waves where you float peacefully

The waves indicate the goal to follow, so there is no difficulty, you just have to let go. In general, that is the interpretation of this dream, as long as the sea water retains its blue color, without turbulence.

The dream swimming between the waves in a playful way means that you have found the inner peace you were looking for and you are ready to go after your personal goals. This dream demonstrates some wisdom on his part, that he has reached the midpoint of his emotions and is not afraid of possible difficulties. His self-esteem is at its best.

But if he appears dreaming between dark and dirty waves, it is likely that you will stumble due to wrong decisions. It may be the loss of your job, the friendship of a person you sincerely appreciate, among others.

Dreaming of the swaying of the waves

Life goes by in the same way as waves come and go. The movement of the waves precisely marks the course of his life, where new things come and others remain in the past. The opening of new challenges is marked by those rhythms that take place in his dream. It is a sign that the time has come in your life to do important things.

dream of raging waves

If you dream of a choppy sea, with giant waves, you can signal your fear of what will come. Fear, in this case, is allegorically manifested in many waves that rise furiously. But everything can calm down if you know how to control your life.

A tsunami as dream content

It can arise from your internal struggle or dilemma between not knowing -for sure- if the decision you made -labour, financial, marital- will leave you with great satisfaction. That fear of failure can take the form of a tsunami.

Giant waves can be crystal clear

In this case, it means that you are satisfied with what is happening in your life, so satisfied that nothing goes wrong. And if you see yourself surfing them, without falling, it is a sign that you are perfectly adapted, like a fish in water, to a new project, challenge or job, to any new situation. When you perceive yourself covered by the waves, then the sense changes drastically, you will have to face personal difficulties.

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the dream with big waves it can then be related to great difficulties; however, it must be interpreted as something normal, which will lead to another, better stage. Dreams with giant waves of the sea are unconscious representations of difficulties that will serve to generate other paths, most of the time better.

Dream of an invading wave

it is associated with an emotion that goes out of control. Like a tsunami, they cause extensive damage.

dream of wavesdream of waves

dream of dark waves

When you dream of a huge wave of dark waters and cloudy, it is probably because you are in the presence of a threat, which can not only affect you physically, but also your entire environment. It is a sign that you must protect yourself from any destructive event, stay away from behaviors driven by hatred, envy and physical or verbal violence.

The color black -or the absence of light- tells him about his loneliness. A loneliness that comes from feeling alone in unforeseen situations that cannot be avoided. Fear takes the form of a black wave in his dreams.

Dreaming of giant waves coming against you

If those waves don’t reach you, you’re in the best willingness to save of any personal event. Nothing that threatens your peace of mind will be able to with you. For example, he will be able to pay off his debts or succeed in professional challenges.

Dreaming of giant waves that threaten you are unconscious responses, but in no way should they always be taken as harbingers of destructive situations. When you dream of waves crashing right at your feet, it is probably because you have overcome your problems and just relax.

Dreaming of big waves and the sea

If you dream of the sea and big waves of dark color, the unconscious is telling you that you need someone to support you immediately. He should let himself be helped if dreams with giant black waves are repetitive. The important thing is to know how to ask for help without feeling ashamed.

That darkness acquires another face when the great waves They come with a lot of rubbish. Here, the dream indicates that there is a very negative charge in you that you must release. It may be that you find yourself stuck in a routine or vicious circle that does not allow you to move forward with new and successful projects.

dream of wavesdream of waves

Dreaming of waves of mud or sand

There is also the possibility that I dream with waves of water with mud. In this case, it is a warning to be prepared for a challenging period in your life. Like waves, they will come to you but recede again. It is up to you to know how to anticipate the problem.

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Dreams with waves of sand, different from the previous ones, warn you that you will have to face adversity. This dream symbolizes multiple feelings, such as sadness, anguish, hatred, anger and lack of courage.

Dreaming of a wave coming out of a pool

As expected, it is important to assess this type of dream according to what you felt at the time of rise the wave in the pond. When a wave suddenly appears on a small pea, the problem to come will be localized and will not affect its entire life. While you should also take note of how light or dark the water is, it’s important to appreciate how big the conflict will be.

This dream is also linked to the personal desire to relax and gain moments of leisure. The unconscious is screaming at you to take time to rest.

Dreaming of a wave that covers your head

ANDThis dream vision is not positiveless if that wave of seawater is dark and covers you without being able to breathe or swim to the surface. Prepare for great difficulties. On the other hand, the dream is a reflection that it is difficult for you to control your emotions and basic instincts. You could confront in your life an episode of decadence, lust, compulsive gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, among other self-destructive behaviors.

The dream where he sees himself swallowed and helpless

by a wave from which I could not escape is the reflection of his inability to react to daily problems. You are urged to seek the support of third parties to help you get out of that problem. The strength is in the joining.

When the waves suck him or drag is facing a critical picture of loneliness, which seems to have no way out.

dream of small waves

When you dream of a wave -or small waves- it reflects anxiety and altered emotions; but, it is likely that they appear gradually. This will allow you to deal with them without complications.

Dreaming of the sound of waves breaking on the rocks

The dream thus described means that you it feels good, in a state of high sensitivity. It could also imply a high sensitivity regarding your sensuality and sexuality.

Dreaming of the sound of the waves

When you dream of him sound of the surf it is because he is on the same wavelength as his feelings and that of others. Also, sound is linked to the ups and downs of your emotions.