What Does it Mean to Dream of Wind

Dreaming of wind presupposes that the person wants to be free or you need to get rid of a weight that drags and does not let you move forward. The wind in dreams indicates that everything flows but it can also represent that things are fleeting and go like the wind.

All these details sometimes symbolize different aspects of both the personality and the dreamer’s personal life. Therefore, dreams have been given a special meaningsome people think that the messages they send are more important than you think.

Some other opinions contradict this hypothesis. It is also thought that dreams are simply samples of memories of past moments. Another theory indicates that dreams are the mixture of different influences of which we are daily recipients. For this reason, dreams are usually confusing since they mix all this information, therefore they do not have coherence and neither should they be considered to be analyzed.

However, for several centuries, practically since the beginning of human civilization, there have been established different theories based on the possibility that dreams serve as warnings. Some ancient civilizations concluded that the gods communicated with human beings when they slept through dreams.

From then on, it has handled different hypotheses and different theories have been generated that try to explain the reason why humans have dreams. Some of these ideas have gained wider acceptance and are still popular. The veracity of these ideas has always been in question, although it continues to be the subject of analysis.

Some dreams are more common than others. One of these dreams is related to the wind, this natural event usually gives you a very particular symbology. Most people associate the wind with the feeling of freedom, also with the possibility of escape or flee of what we fear.

dream of winddream of wind

What does it mean to dream of wind from the perspective of psychology?

For psychologists, one of the most interesting topics to study is related to dreams. Dreams are generated during the rest stage of the brain, during this process that lasts on average between 5 to 8 hours a day, it is estimated that brain activity increases making connections between the different parts of this organ. Therefore, the generation of these images and sounds are the result of this powerful activity.

Psychologists consider that dreams are nothing more than a way in which the brain releases energy. It could also be defined as a way in which the unconscious shows the person some aspects that remain hidden in relation to his personality. Ideas or concepts that in real life we ​​may not dare to externalize, can be shown through dreams.

There are different related theories regarding why different natural elements appear in dreams. Psychologists believe that dreaming of the wind may be a sign that the person is in the need to break free of some situation. It is directly related to the search for freedom, also with the possibility of fulfilling some personal goal that is still pending.

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This is a common experience, a large number of people indicate that they have experienced this type of dream. In general, psychologists handle the possibility that dreaming of some natural phenomenon indicates that there are impulses and desires What do people hope to achieve?

Since ancient times human beings have believed that dreams are directly related to some natural phenomena. In different religions the participation of gods has been present, which is directly related to the wind. Therefore, dreaming of this phenomenon was considered to be a message from God, as an advert.

dream of winddream of wind

The hypothesis that the gods and supernatural entities have used dreams to communicate with mortals has always been handled. Because the wind is also considered a phenomenon of nature, which can create chaos or disorder, these dreams were considered as premonitory and signaled that some catastrophe was possibly approaching.

The wind is one of the many most common climatic phenomena, depending on the force with which it blows, it can generate some fatal consequences. When in dreams this element is combined with others, such as fire and water, it indicates that some kind of misfortune will probably occur. The violence with which the wind can blow is directly related to the state of fury.

When the wind blows more calmly, without causing any type of disaster, it is considered to be a good omen. The wind that blows on the face, hair and body; generating a pleasant sensation on the skin, is a sign of freedom. The low intensity with which the wind blows is also an indication of the beginning of a stage of tranquility in the dreamer’s real life.

dream of wind in the sea

In dreams it is possible that we witness different situations in which we do not participate. If in a dream we observe how the wind blows over the surface of the sea, generating relatively little swell but strong enough to cause constant swell, this is a dream that is related to The professional career.

In the dreams in which the water element, are usually related to premonitory dreams. According to different religions and beliefs, water has a strong energy charge that is directly related to life as well as death. Therefore, your participation in a dream is very important, it can also be considered as a message that comes directly from the spiritual world.

The combination of both elements indicates that the person is managing your instincts correctly. It is an auspicious dream, it is related to people who are looking to change the course of their lives to improve their quality of life and find both professional and personal success.

dream of winddream of wind

If the wind is accompanied by rain, it is a sign that soon good news will be received related to the family economy. The rain is usually related to the near future, it is usually an indication that some type of very important message will be received soon. Depending on the strength with which this event is generated, it also indicates the importance of this message.

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The wind is also intrinsically related to the emotional state of the person who has this dream It is probable that the individual requires a rest due to the great amount of responsibilities and stress, for which he is suffering from a series of physical problems.

the force of the wind

Also the force of the wind could be related to different meanings added to the same dream. In the event that the wind blows very strongly, it indicates that care must be taken with respect to the following actions and decisions that are taken. It is a dream that serves as a warning, possibly you are walking towards the wrong direction.

Also the force of the wind can be related to how we are doing negatively influenced For other people. It is an indication that close people are probably manipulating or changing the results that are expected.

When the force of the wind is very strong, and even destroys your own home, it indicates that some kind of problem is going to occur with personal assets. That is to say, it indicates that because of some incorrect decisions or because of the irresponsibility of the person who is having this dream, they could begin to suffer financial problems.

This type of dream is related to mortgage debts, as well as other types of payments or similar debts. It is an indication that in the following periods of time, which can be months or years, successively negative news will be received that is directly related to the economic field. Therefore, these dreams serve to warn that all debts that are still pending must be settled.

In dreams in which the wind blows in the opposite direction, that is, we observe how it moves away from us, they indicate a lack of satisfaction and pleasure. It is possible that the person is going through a difficult time in correspondence with their relationship. It is also related to the impossibility of carrying out the sexual act, with the loss of sensation of pleasure and with the search for physical relief.

It is also related to some kind of emotional or physical pain. It is possible that the person is trying to find a remedy for their situation but has not found it yet.

It is a dream that hints at the possibility that the person wishes to change course. These dreams usually occur after having survived a series of exhausting eventsTherefore, the person needs to live a long period of liberation and inner peace. He points out the need for a breather and a change of life.

When the wind blows calmly, it is associated with one’s own life. These dreams occur when people are wanting to find the tranquility and stability. They are positive dreams, since they could be interpreted as a message from the subconscious, indicating that we are ready to carry out positive actions that promote a total spiritual change.

dream of winddream of wind

What does the direction of the wind mean?

When the wind blows upwards, that is to say that it rises, it is a dream that is related to negative energy. It is a good omen, since it is indicating that the bad energy they have begun to fade; letting the positive energies flow in the life of the person who has this dream. It is a sign that during the next period of time there will be no more worries and there will be a better balance between personal life and professional life.

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Also the rising wind is directly connected with the career goals and ambitions. It can be assumed that this dream is an indicator of job successes and salary improvements. It is likely that the person who has this dream will observe in a short period of time how their work situation improves.

When the wind blows directly towards the person, it is an indication that other people are providing a lift. That is, it is a sign that it is receiving help and good advice by wise people who really want to help in good faith. They are also dreams related to hope and total dedication from an emotional point of view, it could be a sign that we will be reciprocated in the same way in an affective way.

What does it mean to dream of dangerous wind?

In dreams in which the person is suffering from some kind of danger, they are usually bad omens. When the wind begins to blow in a way that endangers the person, it may indicate that we are following the wrong advice from ill-intentioned people.

Hurricanes, which are mainly described by the great wind force, appear in dreams that try to send the message that we are in danger. They point to the possibility that we are being influenced to try to harm ourselves and avoid following a good path. From a more positive point of view, this dream can be interpreted as a warning sign that action can still be taken.

If the wind blows so hard that we see ourselves flying, it has a positive connotation. These dreams indicate the search for freedom and the need to overcome tests that have been difficult up to now. According to some other interpretations, it is also a dream that can relate to love. Possibly the person who has this dream will meet a person with whom he falls in love and is reciprocated with the same feeling.

If the wind that blows is polluted, we perceive that it has a strange smell or also has a dark color, it can be interpreted as a warning of some kind of contagion. These dreams are usually associated with a premonitory symbology, they usually occur in people suffering from some kind of disease It affects the ability to breathe.