What Does it Mean to Dream of Witches

It is not always bad to dream of witches, it is not always synonymous with death or bad energy. You are in a state of affective need, you have not found true love. It may also be that good news is coming regarding a new love, a new friendship or job prosperity. If the witch wears black it can be mourning. If she is wearing white it is because someone wants to contact you.

we could infer that we are in a state of affective need and that around us we do not find true love or sincerity; or on the contrary, good news is coming regarding a new love, a new friendship or job prosperity.

dream of bad witchesdream of bad witches

Dreaming of a witch dressed in black

death, mourning, loss of a loved one or close relative. Some serious disease afflicts one of these.

Dreaming of witches dressed in white

This memory points us to a woman from your environment who wants to get closer. A close friend who has always been aware of you but does not dare to open her feelings.

Dreaming of witches that grab you

From the hand, to any part of the body. Beware of people who are around you always exalting you, they don’t always show their true feelings. If the dream is that youand caress witches, review your partner’s feelings. Beware of an extramarital relationship. Persist in searching for your true love.

Dreaming of witches that persecute you

Usually this type of dream adventure, It tells you that you should reflect on the lifestyle you are leading. The excesses, loving debauchery. Take a break and review those things that fill you superficially but leave you a spiritual void. Try to release some heaviness that does not let you move forward. Beware of a disease that is not felt or perceived. get a general medical checkup.

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Dreaming of witches gathered in a coven

This dream leads you to review your family circle. Your circle of friends and coworkers. someone could be conspiring against you. could indicate Secondly, that you should get closer to those people who love you and have forgotten you. You are away from your family. Someone wants to talk to you and you don’t pay enough attention.

dream of good witches

Someone close to you wants to warn you of something or someone. pay attention to their comments. Listen to the advice of a coworker or study partner. These dreams also denote that you are in a good spiritual and physical balance. Relationships with your family and your environment are managed within the desired harmony.

dream of good witchesdream of good witches

dream of bad witches

Look around. Your energies could be flowing in a dispersed way. Your emotions are misdirected. Eliminate all negative feelings from your being and focus more on spirituality. Search within yourself for that hatred or resentment towards someone or something that does not let you take that step towards your peace of mind.

In your dream the witches speak to you. They point you to a place or tell you something you don’t understand

these dreams, especially if they are repeated constantly. They could be manipulating your emotions. Review your finances and business. If you are starting a business, someone may want to achieve something at your expense to the detriment of your interests. Watch your family core.

Something related to an inheritance, a will or money to collect. if you are going on a planned pleasure tripspecify everything: payment of the hotel or inn, money scheduled for vacations. If it is a business trip: pending if you go with someone, they could be flirting that the results of it harm you at work.

Dreaming of flying witches. witches on a broom

This type of revelations shows us that your desires, aspirations, inclinations could go for the wrong side. see if you are really reaching the goals set. Get rid of those banal things that surround you and don’t really let you flow.

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Reinforce the project that you have in your desk drawer and you are about to finish. Put aside that memory that does not allow you to be happy. Do not look back and forget that heartbreak that hurts you so much and does not let that person who could be into your life your better half

dream of witches in the woodsdream of witches in the woods

Dreaming of witches who hit you, who give you sticks

These dreams are indicative of your fragile personality. You are an influential person. In general, you ask for advice to carry out an activity, to do a business. your indecisions they could be a stone block to achieve the desired success.

Let your instincts out and move on. Do an examination of conscience and Analyze your priorities. How do you feel they should be and how they currently are. Don’t let people abuse you anymore. Show the impetus that is in you and develop your personal values.

Dreaming of walking with witches walking. They accompany you in a park

Check your lower and upper extremities, your knees or feet could be in need of a urgent medical checkup. Work out more. Someone or something limits you from accepting a new job offer that distances you from your family. Accept it. It could be time to move to that house you’ve always wanted and you have it right in front of your eyes and you don’t see it.

I dream of witches coming out of a forest

envy is around you. The person you least expect is conspiring against you. Someone talks to your boss to take away your job. Be careful with a bank loan, it could not be the time to request it.

Someone or something could be bothering a family member who is very close to you. Pay more attention to the companies of your children (if you have them). Regarding your health, pending with your circulatory and cardiovascular system.

The witches snatch my belongings and laugh

You have an unfinished job that doesn’t let you sleep well. There is a financial problem that could be coming. Beware of the companies with which they say be your friends

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Analyze well a purchase of a property or property, it could be flawed. Spend more time with your family, strengthen the bond with them. Visit your relatives and talk to them about their things. listening to them and advising them could be what they expect from you.

Dreaming of witches looking at you

You have an internal conflict from which you cannot find a way out. A secret you don’t want to reveal. Look inside and release that anger, that bad energy. There is a family member or friend who wants to correct an old misunderstanding or conflict.

Open up and heal those wounds so that good vibes flow in your relationships. There’s something that you do not finish repairing and it’s time. Tread carefully with a travel permit.

In my dreams I know they are witches but I can’t see them

Stop limiting yourself in your actions. It allows your true self Go out and show yourself as you really are. Despite your hiding places, your loved ones love you as you really are. Show your true personality and you will see how happiness makes its way immediately. attend that event or meeting that so many times you have said no.

tell him not to that person that hurts you so much and you please despite your will. Think first in your things, second in your things and third in your things, then the others. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed without thinking that you have the solution in your hands. Value yourself more.

dream of naked witchesdream of naked witches

dream of naked witches

Interpret this dream in the need you have to fill the void that person left in your heart. Look for that person you know he truly loves you and let him into your life. Let that friend know that you are there to listen and help them. Be prudent when speaking in a meeting. Do not say everything you know. Shut up and listen.

dreaming of these dowser of life, It could be more normal than it appears to be. give a good interpretation these revelations and knowing how to unmask what is hidden in them, could relieve those obstacles, discomforts and emotional conflicts that we suffer and move towards the desired inner peace. In any case, he remembers that: they fly they fly…