What Does it Mean to Dream of Work

It is one of the most common dreams because we spend most of our lives at work and 80% of our time is spent there. Dreaming about work or that we do something productive is positive in all aspects. it implies stability and adherence to your responsibilities.

Performing in a certain job is part of our life, after we begin to assume responsibilities, with ourselves and with our family. Once we enter the labor field, the activities, the schedules, the routines change radically.

Before we depend on our parents and this matter of having to go out “to work” It was not in our repertoire. But once we start performing, we don’t stop anymore, sometimes until the time of our retirement.

Some people say that we should refer to employment and not to work, since they believe that work connotes and denotes effort, sacrifice, fatigue and even boredom. These people say that work is associated with “passing work” that is, suffering and therefore they say that “employment” should be said.

In reality, we do not share this vision very much, because working is certainly a performance that means commitment from within, employment is like seeing the matter a little from the outside, without getting involved, something like going, complying and leaving without giving more than is due .

Work dignifies some say, and we share this concept. A person works and if he likes what he does, he puts his heart into what he doesprovides ideas, solutions and makes the work environment grow.

There is a diversity of roles that are performed as a job. There is also a multiplicity of tasks that distinguish one from another. There are hierarchies in the jobs, some are managers, bosses, others are subordinates.

In every work scene there are countless situations, sometimes we talk more about work than about family. Many arrive at their homes and at lunchtime they meet and talk about “how was work?” and the family relationship ends up being the place where we drain what happened to us or celebrate work achievements.

In short, if we spend most of our lives at work, it is very possible that there we will have our best friends, our fiercest enemies, we will know who our partner will be, etc. therefore dreaming of scenes in the work environment is the most common among all dreams.

Let’s see below some scenes that you can often dream related to work, so that you know their dream meaning.

dream of workdream of work

you and work

dream of work that they promote you

Are your real desires to have a deserved recognition. You think that your performance is correct and that you give more than what the level demands. That’s why you think you should be recognized.

It is a dream that stimulates you to do better and better actions in your work, you like what you do and you enjoy it. That is why you are very attentive to being recognized. Surely you have been hearing that there are group promotions. Get ready because you are in that group among the first on the list. Congratulations!

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Dream that you are fired from your job

You must be very attentive to your actions in the workplace, if you dream of this it is because you fear for something that you yourself know you are not doing well. In dreams you are recriminating your faults and in this way you have the great opportunity to correct what you have detected.

This is the right time to do it, sometimes people don’t even realize how poorly they are performing and continue to make mistakes. In your case, your subconscious is very faithful to you and has called your attention so that you correct in time.

dream of a new job

Are you thinking of doing a radical change in your routines and you see it reflected in this dream. It is not possible for you to stagnate because this dream invites you to move forward and take on new challenges. You like the idea of ​​variety and you do it easily. You are very receptive and adapt very well to changes.

Dream that you are offered a job

You are not very satisfied with the work you do or you do not feel comfortable in the work environment, therefore when you sleep you see what you want to happen: that someone tells you “I offer you this job” and that it be doing what you like to do. It’s what anyone wants, to work on something nice and get paid for it. It really is very satisfying.

Dream about old job

You long for a time you left behindPeople you haven’t seen since. It is possible that you felt better there than where you are now, so evoke that memory. It means fear of new challenges and attachment to old models that you should have transcended.

Dream that you are looking for a job

This dream shows that you are a person who does not feel comfortable with repeating routines. You always like to challenge yourself different and live new experiences, meet new people and challenge yourself to greater demands each time.

You are looking for the best paths for you, that adjust to your potentialities and skills. You are not satisfied, so you are in a permanent search for answers to your questions about various aspects of your life.

dream job interview

This dream is an evidence of how little you fear being approached in the workplace. You are not intimidated by questions and you have a lot of self-confidence. You know how to deal with questions, you are assertive and you communicate very well.

You are visualizing a possibility of job growth. You want to build yourself a better performance and you are doing it step by step. You like to demonstrate with words and deeds what you know and are capable of doing as a worker.

dream of workdream of work

Dream about a job offer

You have a desire to really work and you are visualizing it as something possible. It is a good dream that anticipates what you are going to get soon. Any job offer will be for your benefit. Is he perfect time to accept a job offer.

Dream that you change jobs

This dream can be interpreted as some personal instability that moves you to look for other sources of employment. You quickly get bored in one place and already want to change. The reason may also be due to real dissatisfaction, that is, if there is a clear reason that justifies your desire for change.

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It is a dream that also implies that challenge yourself to new tasks that involve other responsibilities or challenges. If in your real life you feel that you want to change jobs because you feel exploited or mistreated and you dream of leaving that environment, it is because you only need a minimum decision to take the step and go to better courses.

The changes are not negative, they are growth opportunitiestherefore this dream in any case is interpreted as good for you.

Dream that you work too much

You urgently need a break even if it’s short. You are exhausted and you went to bed perhaps with a body heaviness. That is to say that your tiredness is not only a dream image, but that this dream is practically the reflection of a very vivid reality.


Dream about a group of co-workers

If there are many who are in your dream, it is because you are very leader and you like to give directions. You are good at it. If you still do not have a managerial position, you will have it and surely you will visualize this dream in your real life. Seeing yourself surrounded by colleagues is a sign that you like to communicate with everyone. You are good at dealing with large groups

Dream about a specific co-worker

This dream means that your relationship is close with this person, whatever role this person has. It can be your superior or it can be an equal to you in the hierarchy. The truth is that person has a lot of affinity with youthat is, it has to do with you personally, beyond the work.

Dream about a former co-worker

It means that you miss his company. This person somehow marked your daily life in the workplace and that is why you remember him today. If the dream is with a partner with whom you had disputes, then it means that you appreciate your distancebecause there were no longer ways to reconcile some ideas with others.

dream about coworkersdream about coworkers

situations at work

Dream about being late for work

This is the kind of dreams that it seems like a nightmare from which one wishes to wake up. It speeds up the pulse even while you’re asleep. It is an unpleasant dream and it means that you have unresolved issues in your life. You need to radically put order to certain issues that are calling your attention in the dream world.

This dream is associated with physical exhaustion from overwork. Maybe you need a break even for a day. It can also mean that this job does not please you and you do it out of obligation to earn money, because you do not have another at the moment. That is why you dream that you are late, that is, you don’t really want to get there.

Dream about business meeting

In this dream you must remember what point they touched at this meeting. The tone in which the issues were discussed, if everyone intervenes, if the boss spoke or only you speak.

If the topic was something simple and easy to talk about, it represents your wise way of communicating with people. If, on the other hand, the meeting touched on complex issues that were difficult to deal with, it symbolizes how confusing a certain topic is for you today.

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If the boss or someone from strong leadershipit is because you feel shy before this figure instead if the leader was you this represents your self-confidence and your strength to lead the groups and capture their attention.

dream workplace

When in the dream you see the place where you work, you should review how you saw it. If it was an orderly environment, it is because your life is, but if the work environment is chaotic, you should review your current life, because not only in the workplace, but in the personal sphere, you have everything very messy and it is time for you to put order to your life. It is an excellent wake-up call from your dream world.

Dream About Work Discussion

If the discussion is about an issue related to a procedure inherent to your work, it is because you should be more careful with an incident that could even cost you your job. If the discussion was for personal reasons, then you should be on the alert with some enemy you have in your workplace, who wants to play a trick on you.

dream of the bossdream of the boss

Hierarchies at work

dream with the boss

It is very possible that the figure of authority disturbs you, everything will depend on the context and the treatment that this boss had in your dream. If he was friendly, it is because you have the good fortune to know how to respect and comply and you have earned the trust of the boss.

If he was authoritarian, it is because your boss annoys or fears you, he intimidates you and it is probably either because you are not fully complying, or because you do not have the necessary expertise for the work assigned to you.

Dreaming of the boss is because between you and that role there is a very clear relationship that could be love or hate. You must know how to channel any of these tendencies in your relationship, be very clear about the place you occupy and what you have to do.

Dream about workers (service workers)

Evoke how tenacious you are. Very dedicated and correct. You are not afraid of hard tasks that require physical effort, you do them with pleasure and even pleasure. In your house you take care of keeping everything in perfect condition, for example, cleaning up to date, impeccable electricity, paid services, etc. In your work your tasks are covered, you don’t leave them for later. You know that the chain of processes depends on them so that everything works, therefore I assume your part with great responsibility.

dream of secretaries

You like to carry out procedures, you are good at giving reminders to others and with this you are very supportive. You are a good pointer. Many people trust you because they know that you remember dates, events, news, celebrations, etc. This makes many come to you frequently.

dream with messenger

Are excellent communicator. You like to always keep yourself in frank conversation with your colleagues, the same in the family environment, friends, etc. Establish good links with people using technologies. For you a message is extremely important and you cannot delay its delivery.

Dream about counterparts

If you dream of people who do the same job and occupy the same position, it is because in some way you are very aware of how your performance is and how is that of others. You like collaborative work.