What Does it Mean to Dream with Ouija

Dream with the Ouija It can be a very disturbing dream that, in general, tells us about answers, although not necessarily the ones we would like to have. It could even turn into a nightmare. Regardless of whether we have been close to any experience with the ouija board or not, her relationship with us could be the same; although indeed we will find several variants.

Ouija board dream looking for answers

Dreaming of the Ouija looking for answers It usually occurs in people who believe in spiritualism or who in one way or another have had some previous connection with the Ouija board. In the same way, it is possible that someone who wants this type of connection is so eager for it that her subconscious manifests it through a dream experience.

we always used to be looking for answers of our own life, and even when things happen around us that we cannot control or change, we can feel frustrated by it, even more if it is the death of a loved one.

We usually look for answers to these situations, and we assume a character of trust in spiritualist sessions where they give us the opportunity to get them, one of them is the Ouija, so dreaming about it could represent is search in which we find ourselves.

Dreaming that the ouija does not give me the answers

Dreaming that the ouija does not give you the answers What you are looking for could be linked to various aspects of your life where you are waiting for advice and have not yet received it. You need certain impulses that you can only give from advice.

It is always good to consider deep conversation with a friend or family member who we trust, let’s not wait for him to come to us and look for that person, we will not necessarily get rejection, trying is not a guarantee of it. In the same way, we will always find counselors willing to listen to us.

dream with ouijadream with ouija

Dreaming that I contacted the devil when playing Ouija board

This could be a pretty scary dream, unless the devil character is to our liking. However, the representation of dreaming that we contacted the devil by playing ouija it comes from latent fears about some acts we have done in the past and that still makes us feel guilty today.

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It is possible that we feel a lot of anguish in our daily lives and find ourselves overwhelmed, surrounded by arguments and fights. If so, is this the answer to our dream. It does not warn us of physical deathbut it is a great moment of mental depression which we should work to improve.

dream that the ouija board stops working

As usual, dream with ouija represents a constant search for answers, if it stops working, we will be determining in our subconscious the possibility of never finding these answers. It represents frustrations with which we have possibly been dragging for years.

If we have dreamed that, when searching for answers on a Ouija board, it stops working, perhaps it is time to give up on this constant search, perhaps we are taking the wrong path and we should do what it clearly wants to tell us: it’s not working anymore.

Dreaming that the ouja breaks in the middle of the session

Dreaming that the ouija board breaks in the middle of the session It carries meanings similar to that it stopped working. The difference is that a rupture brings meanings of, as happened with the Ouija board, ruptures in our environment. Whether it’s family breakups, couples, or friendships.

The ideal is to take care of the people we love the most and put aside those obsessions generated by search for answers. If we don’t have them, maybe they don’t exist. We must take care of the people close to whom we love so that the real break does not come true.

Dreaming that I am looking for answers playing ouija with my friends

Dreaming that I am looking for answers playing ouija with my friends It leads us to the symbolization of a bond of friendship from which we want certain answers. Perhaps we are going through doubts or distrust of one of our friends, so our dream manifestation of the search for answers has occurred in our closest affective circle: our friends.

dream with ouijadream with ouija

Dream about the creation of the ouija

Dream about the creation of the ouija leads us to a search for our past and even ancestors. It is possible that we are in a stage of looking to the past to understand more about ourselves, so it is possible that the representation of our dream is related to it.

The creation of the ouija board dates from the late 1800s; and although its objective is to contact souls in pain, the purpose of it is to seek answers that we know we will not obtain from those souls that are no longer with us. Dreaming of creating this board leads us to want to look at our past in accordance with the spiritual.

Dreaming that I have created the Ouija board to contact spirits

To dream that we have created the Ouija board to contact spirits It can mean our great eagerness to want to get some answers either from our lives around our past, or from what we are currently living.

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It is advisable to try as much as possible to take things in a calmer way to avoid generating anxieties in us. Let’s try to move forward in more peaceful ways, maybe meditation will be good for us.

Dreaming that I went to the grave of the creator of the Ouija

We may be going through religious conflicts. Perhaps we have experimented with various religions, considering spiritism as a fundamental part of our beliefs. Dreaming that we went to the tomb of the creator of the Ouija board generates in us the desire to get the answers from its maximum root.

But what answers? By being linked to the creator of an ancient ‘game’ like the pebble, it represents the search for some religious, mystical or even faith-related roots, from a very intimate and personal point of view.

Dreaming that I contacted the creator of the ouija Elijah Jefferson Bond

What for each one of us means a religious figure or mystical, it will then be what our dream will be looking for, the answer to it. We are in the middle of a game related to spiritual sessions with which we delve into the presence of its own creator.

The creator of that entity The one we have put our faith in is the one we wish to obtain to confront our great doubts. The important thing is to be sure of ourselves, before connecting with any religious entity.

dream with ouijadream with ouija

Dreaming that I contact deceased people with the ouija

The truth that many of us know about the Ouija is the objective that we suppose it fulfills, which is maintain direct contact with lost souls or spirits. This occurs with or without the mental trance of whoever performs it. The most common thing is to try to make contact with a deceased person of whom we are aware, be it a relative or a historical figure, and even with animals.

Dreaming of dead people Usually it links us with the desire to see him and communicate with them, but if in our dreams we are also with a Ouija board trying to contact him, our eagerness is greater than we suppose. It will always be good to remember these people who are no longer with us on the earthly plane, with the best moments lived.

Dreaming that I contacted my deceased dog with the Ouija board

Dreaming that I contacted a deceased dog that we have had with the ouija, is nothing more than the reflection of that longing to want it again in our lives. If you have dreamed this, it is very likely that the bond you have had with him, and even with any other pet, has been very strong.

If you are doubting what your pet will have lived with you, if he was really happy with you, rest assured that if you gave him love, he had a full life. If it has been a pet that you abandoned, you may be having regrets for having done it, or in case you lost it.

Work to improve your psychic aura to be able to amend circumstances like this in life, rather than looking for answers. You won’t be able to turn back time, but you can improve and heal wounds.

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Dreaming that I contacted my deceased grandmother with the ouija

Many people have been very attached to their grandparents, either because they represented father figures, or because an affective bond with this family member has naturally occurred. It is very likely that when he passed away it was very difficult for us to overcome his departure.

Dreaming that they have contacted the deceased grandmother It is nothing more than the reflection of the longing we have because he is no longer with us, and if he has been a faithful believer in spiritism, this dream is even more linked to our reality. Let’s not panic, and let’s carry out our respective religious activity, if that is the case, or meditating could be enough.

dream with ouijadream with ouija

Dreaming that I contacted a deceased son with the ouija

The loss of a child on the earthly plane It is one of the most painful things a person can go through. The common and natural thing is that it is the children who go through the process of losing their parents, not the other way around. Going through a process like this takes a long time.

Each person goes through a process like this in very particular ways, the truth is that anyone will keep this fact in mind for the rest of their lives, and the beginning is much stronger. It is possible that the departure of a child generates guilt and frustration, so wanting too much to contact him can end up manifest in our dreams.

If this is your case, it is best that you try heal your heartTake refuge in the people you love the most, those who have extended their hand to support you, to try to remove the blame. If he is gone, he is undoubtedly on a better earthly plane.

Dreaming that I contacted one of my deceased parents with the ouija

If you have dreamed that you have contacted one of your deceased parents With the Ouija, you may have often had a similar idea in mind, and our dream state has manifested it. The first thing a person who approaches this board thinks of is connecting with family members.

It is not extraordinary that many people feel guilty or think that not many things were left unfinished with someone close to them who has passed away, but this can only change if we want it to.

To dream that I am the one who is contacted with the Ouija board

To dream that we are the one contacted through the ouija means our own death, considering that this is the end of such activity, contact the deceased. It is not to alarm us such a dream manifestation, even though it was a terrifying dream, but to consider looking within.

What this dream really means is the death of a part of us that is no longer there, be it our childhood or things that have drastically changed in us. The important thing is that this change generates a better life with experiences that are happy for us.