What Does Obsolete Mean

Obsolete is a word of Latin origin obsolete which refers to everything that is currently out of use.

Also, the obsolete term is a adjective referring to all obsolete objectsthat is to say, that they have fallen into disuse and are not very effective compared to later ones, their use is not limited only to the field of technology.

The word obsolete is used as a synonym for fossil, old, outdated, archaic, old, to refer to all those things that, over time, have been replaced, as often happens in the field of technology, where new options are always launched with new advances.

In English, the word obsolete.

obsolete product

An obsolete product is one that is out of use as a result of its replacement by another more efficient, precise and agile one, but not because of its malfunction. It arises, with household appliances that constantly launch superior models with new technology and new performance in their functions, managing to overcome the previous ones, a phenomenon known as obsolescence.

It can be stated that the main cause of obsolescence is merely economic, since the manufacture of spare parts is expensive, or due to a shortage of parts that allow their production, etc. But, also due to the discovery of new products due to the arduous research and development work that allows the design and production of improved, more attractive products, with functions superior to the previous ones, inducing the consumer to acquire new products with new versions despite the fact that their former equipment continues to operate.

outdated technology

Obsolete technology refers to any technological device that is no longer used or has been replaced by a more recent one. An example of obsolete technology is the typewriter with the invention of computers that emerged with better functions and operating system, such as the option to erase instantly, different font styles, paragraph guidelines, document printing, among others.

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