What Does Random Mean?

Random is an English word that we can translate into Spanish as random, fortuitous or casual.

Random, in this sense, is that which depends on chance; that does not obey any method or criterion, and whose result is always unknown and unexpected. For example: “Song playback is in mode random”.

The word entered the vocabulary of Spanish speakers because many of the technologies we consume, coming from English-speaking countries, contain the word random among its functions.

Thus, for example, the random playback of songs in our player, the random display of photos (random pics) or the random choice of contacts on Twitter, are some of the environments in which we are most used to finding this word. While, for their part, those working in Java programming probably use the term when referring to the random generation of numbers (random number generation).

Currently, its use has been extended to areas outside technology and unnecessarily, since there are words in Spanish that designate what is wanted to be expressed.

For example, when we are playing poker and there is a random deal, there is no reason to say that it is a random deal. randomjust as it is not necessary to say that we are going to see a movierandom because we select it randomly. And much less is there any need to say that a boy is randombecause he is a variable or unexpected person.

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