What is a Flow

The flow is action and effect of flow. The word flow has different meanings, it all depends on how it is used and in what context it is found. flow is the rising tide movement for example “the flow of water was unstoppable and destroyed all the shops that were around it”. Likewise, flux are the different compounds that are used in laboratories in order to melt minerals and isolate materials.

In the area of ​​medicine, there is the respiratory flow refers to the speed with which air is expelled or leaves the lungs. Similarly, in psychology it is a psychic state related to happiness that is characterized by the focus of energy on the activity that the individual develops and on the success of fulfilling it.

Gene flow is the transfer of certain alleles of genes from the source population to a target population. With gene flow the insertion of a particular trait or characteristic within a species or population is obtained.

The migration flow is movement of a person or a group of individuals from one country or city to another in order to establish themselves and achieve a better quality of life. In the migratory flow, 2 terms must be considered: emigration is the movement of people from one country, city or region to another and immigration is the entry or arrival of people to a country from another.

In the ecosystem, the flow of energy is the energy input that reaches the biosphere in the form of light energy and it comes from the sun. The energy flow is used by the primary products or autotrophic or photosynthetic organisms for the synthesis of organic compounds that, in turn, will benefit the primary or herbivorous consumers and, in this way, carnivorous consumers will be nourished.

In the discipline of physics, flow refers to the quantity of mass of liquid that circulates through a pipe. Likewise, it is the density of a body, that is, it is the relationship between mass and volume.

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Flowcharts or known as flowcharts is the graphic representation of the different operations that must be carried out to comply with a process. Flowcharts or flowcharts allow the analyst to easily understand and interpret what he must do, as well as ensure that he has complied with all the steps of the procedure. Flowcharts are mainly used in computing, economics, and industrial processes.

pyroclastic flows

Pyroclastic flows also known as pyroclastic or burning clouds. Pyroclastic flows are hot melts of gases, ash and rock fragments, which fall down the sides of the volcano at speeds of up to more than 100 km per hour, with temperatures above 100 °C. The densest part of the flow extends along the bottom of the valleys and ravines, while the less dense part of the flow reaches relevant heights over the bottom of the valleys, surpassing significant topographical reliefs.

Pyroclastic flow can be caused by: dome collapse or block and ash flows refers to the flow that grows in the window of a volcano and collapses on top of the extremities of the volcano, however, the explosion can occur when the dome comes into contact with water or by the collapse of an eruptive column It occurs when the density of the column generated in an eruption is greater than that of the surrounding atmosphere.

trade flows

Trade flows are the purchase and sale of goods and services that subsist between countries. trade flows measure the trade balance of a countrythrough the result of the amount of goods that a country sells to other countries (exports) minus the amount of goods that a country buys from other countries (imports).

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From the above, it can be deduced that trade flows contain all international transactions in order to obtain the result of the trade balance of a countryWhich can be: a country that presents a surplus or a deficit, the first refers to the fact that the value of exports is greater than imports and, the second, the inverse, imports are greater than exports.

Financial or monetary flow

The financial or monetary flow is the circular flow between families and companiesthe financial flow consists of the payment by the families to the companies for the goods and services they provide and, the payment of the companies to the people who provide work services in it.

cash flow or cash known as cash flow is the net collection of liquid assets in a given time. Operating activities, investments and financing are part of the categories of the statement of cash flows, operating cash flow it refers to the cash obtained or used in order to maintain the operations carried out by a company; investment cash flow demonstrates the movements in terms of investments made; financing cash flow specifies the cash that corresponds to the receipt or payment of loans, cancellation of dividends, among others.

cash flow or cash It is an important indicator of the liquidity of the company.. The information provided by a cash flow helps the workers that make up the company as well as its shareholders to evaluate the ability of a company to meet its obligations and distribute profits among those who make it up and facilitate the internal administration of the measurement and budgetary control of the company’s cash.

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