What is a Freelancer

freelancing is an anglicism commonly used to designate a independent, freelance or self-employment.

A worker freelancing either freelancer is one who performs specific jobs or tasks related to his profession, trade or specialty for a third party.

Usually the freelancer You receive your payment based on the work done or the service provided, and the contracts are usually limited to the contracted project or assignment, with no obligation for either party to continue the employment relationship once the work has been carried out and delivered.

However, there are other modalities in which work contracts are signed, or charges are made (especially consultancies) for time worked, all of which will always vary depending on the type of service provided.

Today, there has been a record boom of jobs freelancing thanks to the possibilities offered by the new information and communication technologies, since the internet allows a person to work remotely from practically anywhere (home, office, co-workinga study, a cafe, a library), without the need to have a physical presence in the company’s office.

Others advantagesuch as the flexibility of hours (it is the worker himself who decides) and the freedom to choose the place of residence, make this type of work regime very attractive.

Between his disadvantagesHowever, there is the fact that the independent worker must pay for all his expenses himself (finance, social security, medical insurance, retirement pension plan, etc.), as well as take care of the advertising and accounting of your company, among other things.

Jobs usually performed under the regimen freelancing they are, for example, those of graphic designer, photographer, journalist, editor, illustrator, translator or programmer.

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The word freelancing comes from the English of the 19th century, and referred to a mercenary, that is, a gentleman who was not in the service of any specific lord, and whose services, for this very reason, could be hired by anyone who could pay them.

The word freelancingwhich can be decomposed into freemeaning ‘free’ or ‘independent’, and throwwhich translates ‘lance’,

See also: labor and outsourcing.