What is a Poltergeist

What poltergeist is called the paranormal phenomenon that consists of the apparent movement, displacement or levitation of objects, as well as the irruption of blows, sounds and other supposedly inexplicable events.

The word, as such, comes from German, and is formed with Polternwhich means ‘to make noise’, and geistwhich translates as ‘spirit’.

As such, it is classified as a phenomenon of a violent nature that occurs, according to the parapsychologyin haunted places or where there is evidence of paranormal activity, and is associated with ghosts or entities linked to a dead person in a state of anger, which manifests its presence in the physical world in this way.

The events associated with the poltergeist they are all related to perceptible manifestations of paranormal activity, such as the movement of objects, noises, materializations, disappearance of things, strange smells, flashing lights or even physical attacks.

The explanation of parapsychology is that he poltergeist is a consequence of the telekinesis unconscious of an individual, product of stress or emotional tension.

The science, for his part, maintains that all these phenomena can be explained from physics if static electricity, magnetic fields, ionized air, as well as ultrasound and infrasound, and hallucinations caused by exposure to carbon monoxide are taken into consideration. carbon, among other things. While the most skeptical consider that the poltergeist they are, simply, a fraud, and diminish scientific importance.

See also Paranormal.

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