What is a Project

Project is a thought, an idea, an intention or purpose of doing something. In a generic way, a project is a plan developed to accomplish something.

Projects can also be something more concrete, like documents with instructions to do something. It can be a first sketch or scheme of any kind that is made as a preliminary step before adopting a definitive form.

The word project has several meanings. It comes from the Latin project, which derives from the verb progressmade up of pro- which means “forward” and iacere which refers to “throw”.

In engineering and architecture, for example, projects are a set of information, plans and calculations that are made to give an idea of ​​how a work should be and what it should cost.

In Geometry, a project is about a perspective representation.

Some synonyms of project are: plan, plan, intention, purpose, idea, calculation, design, sketch and scheme.

The concept of bill It is a law that has been prepared by the Government and must be approved by Parliament.

See also: Preliminary project and Research project.

Steps to carry out a project

A project is a broad concept and depending on the type of project to be carried out and the area of ​​study may vary. In general, to carry out a project you must:

  • name,
  • establish the nature of the project: describe, base and justify, establish the institutional framework and context, indicate the purpose, goals and objectives, beneficiaries, products, physical location and spatial coverage,
  • operationally specify the activities and tasks to be carried out,
  • indicate the necessary methods and techniques,
  • determine deadlines,
  • determine the resources (human, material, technical and economic),
  • set a budget,
  • indicate the mode of management and administration,
  • establish evaluation methods, and
  • describe the prerequisites and external conditioning factors of the project.
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Project Types

There are different types of projects depending on the nature of the objective. They are generally divided:

  • according to its objective: production of goods, provision of services or research projects.
  • according to its size: micro or small, medium or large or mega-project.
  • depending on the executing agency: public, private or mixed.