What is a Publisher

An editorial can be an unsigned article published by a newspaper or magazine to present its position and opinion on certain topics or events of public interest.

Editorial can also refer to the company dedicated to the edition and publication of books, magazines or tabloids, also known as a publishing house.

Finally, the word editorial can also be used as an adjective to designate that which belongs to or is related to editors or editions: publishing market, editorial committee, for example.

publisher in journalism

An editorial is a subgenre of journalism, included within the branch of opinion journalism.

As such, it is an unsigned article that is characterized by addressing a current issue or event, with relevance and public impact, to offer a series of assessments, opinions and analysis, supported by the editorial line of the newspaper.

The editorial reflects the position and institutional opinion of the newspaper. Its preparation, in general, is the responsibility of the director of the tabloid or of an editorial board to which the task is entrusted.

The function of the editorial is expository, and can be proposed from different horizons:

  • the explanatorywhen you simply try to shed light on a particular event or issue;
  • the thesis or opinionwhere it is intended to present and support an opinion;
  • the informativewhose objective is primarily to make an issue or event known to the public;
  • the interpretivewith a deeper vision, which seeks to review and analyze the causes and effects of an event or issue;
  • the persuaderwho tries to convince his audience, and
  • the action onewhich seeks to promote an action and reaction in the reader before a certain matter.
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