What is a Review

A review it’s a short and concise piece of writing in which an examination or critique of a recent work or event is made to make it known to the public. The word, as such, derives from the verb reviewwhich in turn comes from the Latin resignwhich means ‘take note’, ‘write’ or ‘note’.

Reviews generally appear in the media, especially print media, such as newspapers or magazinesand, due to their characteristics, they are considered part of the opinion genresince they reflect the interpretation and the position of the person who performs it.

The review, fundamentally, informs about the content of the work. Its structure has a first introductory part in which the object to be treated is defined and a panoramic and summarized description of the most essential and relevant aspects of the work is made. Then in the developingthe work is analyzed and evaluated and an argument is made where the position adopted and the criteria on which it is based are exposed, with which the writing is concluded.

The The objective of the review is to make the work in question known to the public.be it scientific, literary, stage, film, musical, etc., and offer you a first impression, commented by a specialist, in which the most relevant aspects of the work, its virtues and even its deficiencies are analyzed.

The review, as such, can refer to a book or a record, a musical show or a social event, a commercial product, such as a video game, or an electrical device, such as a computer, a telephone or an appliance.

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Despite the fact that its traditional fields are newspapers and magazines, today the exercise of review is practiced in the most varied media, and above all it has a lot of online presenceon blogs and social networks, with their different registers and nuances.

On the other hand, in the military world, a review is also known as the magazine that is made of the troop.

Likewise, a review can be the note that is taken from all the relevant features of a person, animal or object in order to be identified.

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