What is a Seeker

Seeker also known as Search Engine It is a type of software that organizes data indexes based on the keywords used by the user. The user enters certain keywords, the browser performs a search and presents a list of URL addresses, and the user can access the most relevant file for him.

The most popular search engines are: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, among others.

There are various search engines such as; search indexes a group of individuals create the database, that is, the individuals search the web for pages. The search indices are classified by categories or subcategories based on their content, an example of the search in this type of search engine, the user to search for information on the Xochimilco Ecological Park located in Mexico must click on certain categories or subcategories such as recreation, then the park subcategory and, surely in the latter you will find an informative link about what you are looking for. Instead, search engines The tracking is done by a program called web spider, the program while visiting the web pages creates a database that relates the address of the page with keywords.

metasearch engines they do not have a database, it uses that of other search engines and in this way they present results of the users’ searches.

However, there are specific search engines such as the people search engine, hotel search engine, flight search engine that allow the user to quickly and easily find all the information they need and satisfy their needs.

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