What is a Zone

zone is a bounded area characterized by what it contains. The word area is of Latin origin ‘zone’ and greek ζώνη what does ‘belt’ meanStripeeithergirdle.

The term zone has multiple meanings, depending on the context in which it is present:

  • In geography: area is the extension of land whose limits are determined for economic, administrative, political reasons, among others. Also, area is each of the 5 parts in which it is divided Earth’s surface through the tropics and popular circles. You can read more about geography here.
  • In geometry: is part of the surface of the sphere between 2 parallel planes.
  • In archeology: the archaeological zone is a place where we can find evidence that has happened in the past in order to be investigated to learn about our past.
  • In the anatomy of the human body there are erogenous zones, which have greater sensitivity and whose stimulus aims to sexually excite a person.
  • In the International Trade There are several zones that point to places and/or cities where some tax benefits are enjoyed, such as the exception of the payment of import duties on merchandise and some taxes. Some of them are: free zone, exclusive economic zone, free trade zone and free zone. You may also be interested in reading about free trade.
  • In the psychological context, comfort zone it is a mental state in which the individual feels safe, comfortable, protected and, therefore, does not consider changing any aspect of his life.
  • In the area of sportspecifically in basketball, is the part closest to the basket in the form of a trapezoid or rectangle, likewise, there is the expression ‘3 seconds in zone’ that the player can last without being in possession of the ball.
  • In safety: Danger zone it is a place vulnerable to risks or disasters whether natural or human-induced. There is also the quiet zone It is widely used in hospitals.
  • In economics: Euro zone either Eurozoneis made up of the countries of the old continent that make up the European Union and the euro is its official currency.
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Exclusive economic zone

The exclusive economic zone known as the patrimonial sea is a maritime strip that extends from the outer limit of the territorial sea to a distance of 200 nautical miles calculated from the baseline from which the width of the territorial sea is measured.

The coastal State in the exclusive economic zone has sovereign rights for the purposes of:

  • exploration, exploitation, conservation and administration of natural resources,
  • the production of energy emanating from water, currents and winds,
  • the jurisdiction with respect to the establishment,
  • the use of artificial islands and facilities,
  • scientific research and
  • the defense and conservation of the maritime environment.

Urban and rural area

The urban zone It is that highly inhabited geographical portion, which has the characteristics of large cities with large businesses, a greater number of health centers, schools and universities such as: Mexico City DF, Guadalajara, Monterrey, among others.

According to UNICEF, an urban area is characterized by the following elements: administrative criteria or political borders, demographic density, economic function and the presence of urban specificities such as: paved streets, public lighting, sanitation network.

The rural zone They are generally located on the outskirts of cities and are characterized by green spaces and for being used for agricultural, agro-industrial, and other activities. In Mexico, all geographic areas with less than 2,500 inhabitants are considered rural areas.

thermal zone

thermal zones determine the temperature regime available for crop growth during the development period. The thermal zones are decreed by the movement of the earth, the inclination of the earth’s axis and the shape of our planet, consequently, the temperature is higher at the equator, but decreases as we approach the poles, giving rise to: 1 torrid or tropical zone, 2 temperate and 2 glacial zones.

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The torrid or tropical zone It is the one that is incorporated between both tropics and separated by the equator in 2 parts and temperatures are high throughout the year.