What is an Advertisement

It is known as an advertisement any message that discloses, disseminates or promotes a specific product, service or event.

Advertisements can be of two fundamental types, depending on their purpose:

  • Commercial, when its main objective is to move the public to buy or consume a certain product or service; It is one of the key marketing tools to boost sales and promote the image of a brand.
  • No comercialwhen it focuses mainly on disseminating or communicating a message: providing a public service, promoting the image of institutions or foundations, or making political propaganda, among other things.

The advertisement is characterized by always seeking to be attractive and convincing, and capture the interest of the public to which it is directed, so that it has an effective effect in its communication.

The publicity announcements appear, in general, in mass media like the radio, the press or the television; on the internet, within web pages, on banners and on social networks, or on billboards on public roads.

In this sense, advertisements can appear in different formats depending on the medium for which they are intended: graphics, for print, billboards, posters and digital media; audios, mainly for the radio; or audiovisual, which can be placed on television, cinema, or video playback platforms on the Internet.

See also Advertising and Poster.

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