What is Basilisk (mythological Beast)

basilisk is a mythological beast the size of a chicken with the head, claws and wings of a rooster and the body and tail of a reptile. Common basilisks are also called only lizards capable of running on water and are currently found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

basiliskBasilisk comes from the Latin bisiliscus which means “little king”.

According to Greek mythology, the basilisk is the cross between a rooster and a reptile called the little king due to its size, its rooster comb that simulates a crown, and the dominance it had over its territory through fear of its murderous powers. Basilisks were believed to be able to kill any living thing with their eyes and at great distances. It also had a breath that drowned its victims.

The body of the mythological basilisk being is covered in scales while its head is covered in feathers and is characterized by sharp teeth like knives.

Some legends describe him as a lizard, a dragon or a snake as it was popularized with the book Harry Potter that despite having characteristics similar to the original myth, it differs from it by its giant size and its shape more similar to that of a giant snake. Another mythical figure that results from the crossbreeding of two or more animals is the chimera.

Due to the hostile characteristic of the basilisk, this word is also used to refer to a angry or hurtful person.

The common basilisk is a green lizard which is characterized by being the only reptile capable of running on water and holding its breath underwater for up to 30 minutes. His ability to “walk” on water is due to the physiognomy of his hind legs, which are made of wide membranes and long fingers that create a kind of air cushion between him and the water.

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