What is Chance

Chance is a combination of circumstances or unforeseeable causes, complex, non-linear, without a prior plan and without purpose, which supposedly cause a certain event to occur that is not conditioned by the relationship of cause and effect or by human or divine intervention. This event can be good and it can also be a misfortune caused by chance, fortune, chance, luck. Chance is a fortuitous event, not programmed, and if it is negative it is a setback.

The term azar comes from the Hispanic Arabic az-zahrWhat does it mean “given”and in turn this word comes from the classical Arabic زهر (zahr).

If something was “random” or “by chance”, it means that it was by chance, fortuitously or accidentally, involuntarily, or without an intention or a determined or predetermined reasonsomething that happens without thinking about it or planning it, something that has no guide or direction, and that has no order or occurs randomly.

A gaming It is one in which the result is random and independent of the skill of the participants or the players, it is a game of luck. In some games, there are some objects or actions called chance. For example, chance is called the dice or the card with which the point that is lost in dice or card games is obtained. The door, the window, the corner or any hindrance is called chance in the ball game. Also in billiards, any side of the pocket inside, that is, facing the table, is called chance.

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It is called random ninth month of the Persian calendar, is the last of the three autumn months and lasts for 30 days. This Persian calendar continues in force in Iran and Afghanistan.

Although they have the same sound, we should not confuse chance, roast and orange blossom. Chance means a series of unforeseeable or fortuitous events or causes that caused a certain event, roasting is cooking food directly on the fire or bothering a person, orange blossom is the name given to white flowers such as those of the orange, lemon and citron trees which are considered therapeutic for their medicinal uses.

The term chance can be used as a synonym for: chance, eventuality, luck, circumstance, among others.

See also: Luck and Random.