What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying or, in Spanish, cyber bullying it’s a type of harassment that uses computer means to harass a person. The word is composed with the English word bullyingwhich refers to harassment and intimidation, and the prefix cyber-, which indicates relationship with computer networks. In English, the correct way to write the word is cyberbullying.

As such, cyberbullying or cyberbullying involves the situation of harassment, abuse and vexation sustained and repeated over time, of a person by a group of individuals.

Their characteristic essential is that in order to carry out uses current computer networks and technological resourcessuch as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even video game consoles.

The means by which cyberbullying is carried outon the other hand, move from the physical space to the virtual stage, and in this way it is manifested in sites such as social networks, chats, forums, email, web pages, blogs, photologs, video games, among others.

The kind of actions that constitute cyberbullyingin this sense, are related to the sending of text messages, emails, images, illustrations and videos that may torment, threaten, harass or humiliate the person.

scope of Internetin addition, it promotes anonymity, or the adoption of invented profiles to mask cyberbullying, so that the victim’s stress can be added to the feeling of not knowing who is attacking him.

The consequences of cyberbullying they are psychologically and emotionally devastating for the victim. Their psychological well-being and emotional health are violated, all of which makes them more susceptible to suffering, in the future, from depression, anxiety, school phobia or learning disorders, among other things.

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