What is Honesty (value)

What honesty the quality of honest is designated. As such, it refers to a set of personal attributes, such as decency, modesty, dignity, sincerity, justice, rectitude and honesty in the way of being and acting. The word comes from the Latin honest, honestitatis.

The honesty it’s a moral value essential to establish interpersonal relationships based on trust, sincerity and mutual respect

A person who acts honesty It always does so based on values ​​such as truth and justice, and does not put its own needs or interests before these. In this sense, she is a person attached to a code of conduct characterized by rectitude, probity and honesty.

The honesty true permeates all aspects of a person’s life: it manifests itself socially, but also in the intimate environment of the individual and in his inner life. This means that honesty is both exterior and interiorin view of which it must be a coherent behavior, where the individual’s actions are consistent with what he thinks, says and preaches.

In a honest person, even the smallest acts are governed by honesty. Informing the seller that he has made a mistake in our favor with the change, returning the old man the bill that he has just dropped without noticing it, fulfilling our obligations even when no one is going to reward us for it, watching our words to the extent that These can hurt or affect third parties, keep discretion when necessary, be prudent in the management of our financial and personal resources, assume responsibility for our mistakes, rectify and correct when necessary, be loyal and transparent in our relationships with the others; all this is but a brief list of the long catalog of actions where we can actively manifest our honesty.

In this sense, a socially honest individual remains attached to the principles of good conduct in all acts that constitute their interaction with others: at work, in traffic, in their community, in their studies, before the State; likewise he will do it in his most intimate life, in his affective, friendship and family relationships; and equally in his inner life, that is, in those aspects of his life that he is not obliged to share with others, such as his feelings, his ideas, his tastes and interests. An honest individual, in short, is first of all honest with himself and, therefore, will not betray himself.

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