What is Hope

The hope it’s a optimistic state of mind in which what we want or aspire to seems possible. In this sense, hope supposes having positive expectations related to what is favorable and that corresponds to our desires.

The hope is the opposite of despair, and, as such, it often serves as a moral handle to avoid falling into discouragement, to avoid losing serenity or losing sight of what one longs to achieve. Hence, hope positively feeds our aspirations.

In the same way, from a more pragmatic point of view, hope can be associated with the vain idea of ​​achieving things or fulfilling our desires, leaving everything waiting and forgetting to act, as if we could achieve our goals without intervening to achieve them. .

hope in mythology

The Greek mythology explains the origin of hope through the pandora’s box myth. According to the story, Zeus, after Prometheus stole the fire to give it to men, got angry and gave Pandora, Prometheus’ brother’s wife, a box where all the evils of the world were locked up. Pandora, with an innate curiosity infused by the gods, opened the box to see its contents and all the evils were released, but she quickly closed it, leaving only Hope inside.

Life expectancy

What Life expectancy or life expectancy is called the mean length of life an individual has left to live. As such, it is calculated considering factors that affect the citizens of a country, such as the quality of medicine, hygiene and wars, among other things. In this sense, it refers only to people who die a non-violent death. For newborns, meanwhile, life expectancy coincides with the average length of life in that population.

Hope in Mathematics

in science math Y statistics, as expectation is known as the mean value of a random variable. Likewise, it can be said that the expectation is the mean value of a probability distribution.

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hope in religion

In the Christian religionhope is one of the three theological virtues based on the Bible, together with charity and faith, according to which God is expected to give the goods he has promised. According to Saint Thomas of Aquinohope is the virtue that gives man the absolute confidence that he will achieve eternal life and the means to reach it with the help of God.

See also Theological Virtues.

hopeful expressions

  • feed someone hope: is an expression that means to expect to achieve what is aspired or intended, although there are not many reasons to think that this will be the case.
  • give someone hope: means to make a person understand that what he wants or expects can actually be achieved.
  • fill something hope: means that a thing corresponds to the expectations that had been formed about it.
  • What hopes!: is an expression, used as an interjection, that indicates the improbability of something being achieved.