What is Ideal

The word suitable is an adjective derived from Latin “suitable” which indicates to everything that has a good disposition or sufficiency for one thing.

The word suitable is synonymous with: fit, capable, skillful, efficient, willing, intelligent, among others. Taking into account the above, it can be deduced that suitable is the characteristic of a person or thing. In the case of a person, the appropriate term reveals to an individual that he possesses certain qualifications or abilities that are essential to perform the duties of the positionfor example: “she is suitable for the position of secretary”.

In turn, by indicating that a thing is suitable, it is shown that it is suitable for the purpose for which it is intendedfor example: “the screwdriver is the ideal tool to remove the screw”

However, the word suitable can be used in different contexts such as: suitable place, suitable help, suitable product, but always with the purpose of indicating that something or someone is convenient or adequate to fulfill the objective.

Ideal in the Bible

The suitable word is reflected in the bible when Eve was created to be Adam’s suitable helper and not to be inferior or superior to him. On the contrary, she was created to enjoy the protection and love of Adam.

Future spouses and all couples must take into account that women are not the inferior sex, nor are they submissive. As the Lord teaches the Word, each individual has functions within a home and must be fulfilled with the intention of forming a home full of love and peace.

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