What is it to Be Hateful

What hateful we denominate that which arouses feelings of hatred, repudiation or antipathy. Hateful, as such, is an adjective that comes from the Latin odiōsus. The opposite of hateful, in this sense, is appreciable, pleasant, or sympathetic.

Hateful or worthy of hatred or repudiation can be a person who, by his actions, words or attitudes generates contempt, disapproval. From there as hateful, for example, let us consider the police when they do not fulfill their function, or the politicians and bankers when they lie, steal or betray.

Hateful, on the other hand, we can also find someone’s ways or behavior that we find annoying, unpleasant or intractable: “How hateful Matías, he doesn’t stop making fun of everything I say and do.”

Likewise, as hateful we can also call some matter or thing that is abhorrent or repudiable to us: “The students found the new school rules hateful.”

Hateful, in short synonymous of detestable, repudiable, abhorrent or despicable. In the same way, it can be used as an equivalent of unpleasant, unpleasant or repellent.

In Englishhateful, when referring to detestable, can be translated as hateful either hateful: “She you have a pretty hateful character”. On the other hand, when used in the sense of repellent or unpleasant, it can be translated into English as ugly either awkward: “He has the nasty habit of repeating his sentences”.

See also Sullen.

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