What is Narcissistic

Narcissistic or being narcissistic is relative to narcissism. According to Greek myth, Narcissus was a beautiful young man full of pride, vanity, and insensitivity who despised all maidens and others who fell in love with him.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, punished Narcissus, and when he saw himself reflected in the water of a fountain, he fell in love with his own image and ended up consuming himself in his unfulfilled desire, since he was unable to separate himself from his image, which it vanished every time he tried to reach for her to kiss her. Narcissus, saddened by pain, commits suicide with his sword and after dying, falls into the water and is transformed into the flower that bears his name, the narcissus, a beautiful smelly flower but sterile in fruit.

Therefore, a narcissist is a person who feels excessive admiration for himself, for his physical appearance and for his gifts or qualities. A quintessential narcissist is a self-centered and proud person. to the point of not being able to live a happy life, since it shows acute selfishness and inconsideration towards the needs and feelings of others that can become perverse.

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Personality Disorder: Narcissistic

Pathological narcissism is considered a serious personality disorder and dysfunction. It is a pathology characterized by a exaggerated overvaluation of oneself and a great desire for admiration by others accompanied by low self-esteem.

However, in psychology, narcissism is a necessary stepping stone for personality development in childhood and has psycho-evolutionary or psychogenetic significance.

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Characteristics of a pathological daffodil

The pathological narcissistic person considers himself special and with more rights than others, shows a great lack of empathy, believes he is better and superior to others, and is hypersensitive to criticism from others.

The narcissist tends to constantly demand the attention and admiration of others, always talking about himself, and expects others to realize his superiority, and therefore, admire and praise him.

You feel uncertain about being affected immensely by criticism, continually needing to confirm your superiority by seeking praise from others.

He usually surrounds himself with people inferior to him to take advantage of them and achieve his goals. He is envious or believes that others are envious of him. He displays arrogant, arrogant, and haughty attitudes and behaviors.

At work, a daffodil is tireless because he always wants to show his superiority that will give him power. He doesn’t like being bossed around.

In love relationships, the narcissist is exploitative and couple breakups are frequent because no one is good enough for a narcissistic person, therefore, they do not usually have stable and lasting relationships.

Small physical flaws cause him to overreact and, therefore, he tends to be very careful with his appearance, paying continuous attention to his clothing, hairstyle and general appearance, being a quintessential vain man.

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