What is Philosophy

The word philosophize refers to the faculty of thought through which the person allows himself to contemplate, interpret, analyze and even reflect on a particular subject in order to understand reality.

In philosophy, the word philosophize refers to thinking in order to know. In other words, when people know something, the next thing they have to do is carry out an analysis and decipher why it exists, how it does so and how it relates to us and our reality.

To philosophize is an infinitive verb, which comes from the Latin philosopher, philosopharis y means to philosophize, which in turn is derived from the Greek word for philosophy and is written φιλοσοφία.

So, philosophizing is the act of thinkingconsequently it is not an activity that requires instruments, techniques or samples but, rather, the individual’s ability to contemplate and interpret reality and from there to issue an argument or an opinion.

Then, as the purpose of philosophizing is not to change or transform something material or immaterial but to understand it, consequently the reality around us is not modified at all, but its understanding and understanding is changed.

That is to say, philosophizing, or what could be a synonym, thinking or reflecting, can only generate some modifications on how to interpret an object or reality itself, but it does not modify it in any way.

For this reason, in the act of philosophizing what is being generated is a process of contemplation and analysis of something in particular, but it does not refer to an action of movement or physical modification of an object, the only thing that can be transformed or varied. are the thoughts or perceptions.

Through the activity of philosophizing, people can even analyze and reflect on their own existence, actions, interpersonal relationships, and how their existence and actions affect their reality and that of those around them.

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However, the word philosophizing can also be used, with a humorous tone, to refer to the empty, aimless or simple thoughts that some people carry out and that are considered by others as non-transcendental thoughts because they do not contribute any value. type of knowledge or reflection.

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