What is Private Security

Private security are companies that provide services for keep assets and infrastructure of an institution protected minimizing the risk of theft or intrusion.

Private security refers to security in terms of protection of a person, company or event, and private refers to the opposite of public, that is, it is not a service granted by the State, therefore it does not have the same powers or jurisdiction.

Private security is related to security guards and surveillance cameras connected to alarm systems. Depending on the type of property to be protected, private security will provide personalized services according to the type of business.

Private security companies are divided into different types depending on the service they provide, such as:

  • Physical security companies
  • Electronic security companies
  • Private investigation companies
  • Securities custody and transportation companies
  • Security company for massive events
  • dog safety company
  • Training or training companies
  • Asset security companies

All private security companies, or also called security agents, must comply with the requirements demanded by the Ministries of Public Security of each country.

At the organizational level, private security companies also specialize in industrial Securitywhich refers to the reduction of risks at work, and the Informatic securitywhere they are generally dedicated to the prevention of attacks or privacy violations on the company intranet.

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