What is Quality Control

Quality control is the process where the standardization of the availability, reliability, maintainability and manufacturability of a product or service is ensured.

Quality control as a process must take into consideration the stages of planning, control and improvement. Quality, in this sense, not only refers to the durability of a product or the satisfaction of a service, but also implies complying with standards of financial profitability, commercial growth and technical security defined by the company’s management.

Quality control are tools and mechanisms that involve inspection, control, guarantee, management and delivery of products and services. The quality management plan this process taking into account the following aspects:

  • Financial: the effective use of resources.
  • Commercial: maintaining competitiveness in relation to its quality and price.
  • Technical: efficiency and safety in processes.

The quality assurement They are quality control measures that can be both internal and external, such as, for example, accreditation in international normalization and standardization of quality and safety of products and processes promoted by the International Organization for Standardization, also called ISO standards.

Company quality control

In business administration, quality control is one of the control mechanisms that help establish quality standards in processes for their subsequent optimization.

In a company, quality control must be present at all stages of the cycle of a product or service. The quality that is controlled is characterized by the following points:

  • It is defined in terms of the client,
  • It is carried out according to the specifications of the company’s management,
  • Must be able to be continuous
  • The improvement is measured in relation to the user’s perception.
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Food quality control

Food quality control is an area of ​​public health, since it involves the contamination of food that can cause diseases and infections that threaten the health of the population.

Quality control in clinical laboratories

Quality control in clinical laboratories is a system designed to minimize errors in the results reported by laboratories so that doctors can have confidence in their diagnosis.

See also ISO, Industrial Safety and Quality.