What is Reggaeton (and Its Characteristics)

reggaeton is a Latin and urban dance music style that mixes reggae with hip hop with lyrics in Spanish mixed with Latin rhythms like bomba and salsa.

Reggaeton became popular in the ’90s when it began to be marketed massively with Puerto Rican artists. That is why he is attributed the origin of reggaeton to Puerto Rico whose best known exponents are, for example, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderón, Wisin & Yandel among others.

Reggaeton is characterized by its explicit, lewd and sexual content manifested in the typical reggaeton dance move called “perreo” which comes from dog since the position adopted resembles that of a dog and evokes sexual positions.

Reggaeton’s main audience is teenagers and derives from those who follow rap and hip hop. When reggaeton appeared in the early ’90s in Puerto Rico, they initially called it under because they were played in underground clubs. Therefore, it is considered a urban underground style as provoked with lyrics, attitudes and explicit rhythms outside the social norm considered correct.

See also Underground.

The popularization of reggaeton in all Spanish-speaking countries has turned this underground style into a commercial latin music style expanding even in popular choreographic and rhythmic activities such as zumba.

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