What is the Mission

It is known as mission function, commission, or purpose that a person must fulfill, for example: his mission was to supervise and monitor the functions of his work team. The word mission comes from the Latin missionary and the suffix –yesunderstood as the act of being sent, order.

As such, mission is a task given to someone or group of people to performand it can have different purposes such as diplomatic, scientific, business, cultural, personal, among others.

In religions, mission is the territory where the evangelizing task is carried outFor example, in Argentina, the province of Misiones, where the Jesuit missionaries settled, is well known. In Christianity, mission is preach the holy word through the church.

In relation to the above, the missionary It is the individual who has the task of disseminating, preaching and taking his religious belief to various places that do not know it or do not practice it.

The mission Impossible As its name indicates, it is one in which the objectives set are not going to be achieved. In the cinematographic world, there is the film mission Impossiblebased on the series that bears the same name, the group of spies manages to carry out missions that would be impossible for an ordinary group of agents.

Also, there are other types of missions such as humanitarian missions where a group of people move to a place where there is a risk for its inhabitants and provide them with food, medical and/or health assistance. For example: the International Red Cross whose mission is to cooperate and support the victims resulting from natural disasters or armed conflicts.

The personal mission It is the vision that each individual has of his own life and based on this, draw a plan of his activities and efforts to achieve his stated objectives.

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Synonyms of mission are: tasks, commitment, management, task, work, territory, delegation, among others.

Mission, vision and values ​​of a company

The mission, vision and values ​​of a company are essential to determine its strategic functions and guide its employees and managers on the path they want to follow, what they want to achieve and the business culture they must practice and deal with. throughout his work.

The mission is the purpose, essence and motive of the company, it determines the reason for being of the company, and may undergo changes over the years. The mission defines the business of the company as it is consumer oriented. The mission must be adaptable and respond to the needs of the market.

The vision answers: What does the company want to be in the coming years? What does it want to become? Where is it headed? The vision determines the goals that you want to achieve within a certain period of time. The values ​​are the beliefs and principles that regulate the organization as a philosophy and support of the organizational culture. The values ​​define the behaviors, attitudes and decisions of the company’s workers and customers.

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