What is the Technique

What technique defines how a set of procedures, material or intellectual, is applied in a specific task, based on the knowledge of a science or art, to obtain a specific result.

Also known as technique skill or particular ability of a person to use these procedures or resources. For example, at a sporting level we usually value these types of qualities in an athlete: “I have never seen anyone play football with such an exquisite technique as Maradona’s.”

On the other hand, technique can also be used to refer to the way of doing something: “Juan, you have to teach me that technique to peel mangoes.” In this sense, the technique is transmittable, reproducible, transformable and improveable in any of its fields of application, be it industrial, artistic or related to human actions.

In relation to the above, it should be added that the technique was born out of the human need to modify the environment in which man develops to make it more adaptable to his needs. For the same reason, the technique originates from imagination, and then it is concretized.

In the musicvocal technique are the different ways in which the phonatory organs are used to develop the voice, without damaging the phonatory structures that intervene at the time.

In relation to the above, the vocal organs are the respiratory organs (lungs, bronchi and tracheas), organs of phonation (larynx, vocal cords, resonators) and organs of articulation (palate, tongue, teeth, lips and glottis).

Technique is studied by technology.

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What technique either technical The person specially instructed in a technological institute or technical school for activities of this category is also known. For its part, in Mexico it is also used to refer to the members of a police force.

It is noteworthy that technical schools they are dedicated solely to the training of technicians in any area: electronics, tourism, electromechanics, marketing and public relations, among others.

On his side, as technical words those that are used within a specific science or field of knowledge are known, and are distinguished from the language of everyday use.

etymologicallycomes from the Greek “τεχνικός” (technicians)which in turn derives from “τέχνη” (tejne), which means ‘technique, art or trade’.

Technician in education

Within the field of teaching, the technique includes an important variety of procedures, strategies and methods of an intellectual nature that are used both to impart knowledge (didactic techniques, such as debate dynamics), and to improve the learning processes of the students ( reading, research or study techniques, such as designing mind maps or concept maps).

One of the most common techniques used by students are technical sheets, a document that contains the most important and detailed data on a specific topic, it can be about books, animals, plants, among others.

The application of this technique responds to the need to optimize performance and results within the educational field.

technique in art

Within the artistic field, the technique alludes to the mastery of a set of procedures and resources, intellectual and material, that a certain artist uses to capture an aesthetic fact.

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The techniques are different for each specific discipline, be it painting, music, sculpture, literature or dance. Just as, in painting, the use of color, handling of proportions or light and shadows is valued, in music the manipulation of an instrument, the vocal mastery of a singer or the knowledge of musical theory of a composer will be appreciated. In this sense, technical skill largely determines the quality of a work of art.

In Law, the legal technique refers to the set of intellectual procedures aimed at the interpretation and application of current Law. Basically, it is used to unravel or clarify the meaning of the legal norm in order to solve its application in specific cases.

technique and technology

The technique is the set of procedures to carry out an action with the aim of achieving an end. For example, to paint, you can use different techniques such as oil or pastel, it all depends on the taste and the purpose sought by the painter.

For its part, technology is the set of techniques or procedures used to make useful objects for humanity. For example: machine, utensil, among others.

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