What is the Television

television is a electrical device that transmits a signal at a distance with image and sound. The word television is a conjugation of the Greek word TV that refers to something that is far and the Latin word vision What does it mean view.

Television has evolved from its beginnings as a mechanical device in 1800 to an electronic device since the early 1900s. The first commercialized electronic televisions were in black and white until 1940 the Mexican engineer Guillermo gonzalez camarena the first system for the transmission of color images.

From the traditional electronic device, television has undergone important technological variations such as the Plasma TV which has improved the quality of the image.

Television has not only changed in its physical form but also in the way we watch television. The first cable televisions It has allowed us to access a much larger number of channels that is not restricted only to national television.

Thanks to technological advance, television has also gone digital where the viewer can interact with applications through television, personalizing tastes and choosing, for example, programs, movies and series on demand, such as Smart TV.

The internet tv or also called TV on-line It also allows us to do without a television set, using only a computer or a cell phone to see what is offered in specific television programming, such as YouTube channels.

See also Youtube.

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