What is Weight

Weightas such, designates the measure resulting from the action exerted by the earth’s gravity on a body. What weight can also be understood magnitude of that force. Likewise, by extension, it refers to all gravitational force that, in the Universe, a celestial body exerts on a mass. It comes from the Latin think.

What weight also often referred to as balance or apparatus used for weighing. Similarly, they can be designated as weight to objects used to balance the measurement or to exert pressure on another object to be balanced.

Weight can also be used in the sense of a burden or responsibility: “They appointed him minister and he has shown that he cannot handle the weight of its function”.

Weight It is also used to refer to a matter that causes sorrow or concern: “You have to deal with the weight of his decision.”

What weight also often called the importance or influence of something or someone: “The mayor has always had a lot of weight in your party.”

Weight in Physics

What weight is called the measure resulting from the action that, on the mass of a body, exerts the force of gravity of the Earth. Its unit of measure is the Newton.

On the other hand, according to Physics, as specific weight it is understood the weight of a body or substance in relation to its volume or, in other words, its weight per unit volume. Its unit of measurement is the Newton per cubic meter (m3).

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Atomic weight

in chemistry, as atomic weight The number that specifies the average mass of the atoms of an element is known. For example, the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.00794.

Molecular weight

The molecular weightaccording to Chemistry, is the result of the sum of all the atomic weights of the elements that form a compound, although it is more correct to speak of molecular mass in these cases.

Gross weight

What gross weight that of a merchandise with its wrapping, container, box or tare is known.

Net weight

The net weight It is the one that presents a merchandise, deducting the tare, that is, its box, wrapper or container, or, in other words, it is the gross weight minus the tare.

Dead weight

The dead weight it constitutes the maximum load that a merchant ship can carry, including the weight of trade cargo, fuel, water, groceries, passengers, and crew. The dead weight It is also a form of physical exercise with weights.