Word Meaning

What’s the word:

A word is a word, voice, expression. Etymologically, the term derives from the Latin parable.

From the linguisticsthe word is a lexical unit formed by a sound or a set of articulated sounds, which is associated with one or more senses, and which has a specific grammatical category.

Likewise, as a word it is also considered the graphic representation, by means of letters or signsof these sounds.

Word can also refer to ability to speak of a person: “The word distinguishes man from other animals.”

As a word it is also called the speaking skillsof eloquence and persuasion, of a person: “Jacinto has been awarded the gift of speech.”

Word is is also the promise or offer that one person does to another: “I give you my word that everything will work out.” And it also refers to the effort that a person puts into the truth or reliability of what he says or affirms: “Today nobody has a word.”

On the other hand, word is the name given to the right or the turn of the people to speak or express themselves in assemblies, meetings or boards: “Citizen Rafael Gorostiza has the floor.”

types of words

Words can be classified according to different criteria.


  • Sharp words: are those in which the greatest vowel strength falls on the last syllable. For example: drawer, find, hallel.
  • Plain or serious words: are those in which the accent falls on the penultimate syllable. For example: day, tree, sky.
  • esdrújulas words: are those in which a greater vowel force is registered in the antepenultimate syllable. For example: maximum, terrestrial.
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grammatical function

Depending on the grammatical function they perform within the sentence, words can be classified as verb, noun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, pronoun, interjection, etc.

See also: Verb, Noun, Adjective and Adverb

number of syllables

Words can also be considered depending on the number of syllables they present as monosyllables, bisyllables, trisyllables, tetrasyllables, pentasyllables, hexasyllables, heptasyllables, etc.

simple and compound words

The simple words are all those that are not the product of the union of two or more words. In this sense, they are the opposite of compound wordswhich are those that are made up of two or more words, such as: bodyguard, can opener, windshield wiper, street corner, up and down, bittersweet, know-it-all, etc.