Zeus (greek God)

Who is Zeus in Greek mythology

He is known as Zeus in Greek mythology father of the gods and men who lived on Mount Olympus in Ancient Greece. On the other hand, he was known as Jupiter among the Romans.

However, in Greek mythology it was also the “god of sky and thunder”, later was called as “god of justice and law”. From the above, derive his attributes: the lightning with which he eliminates his enemies, the thunder to show his anger, the scepter and the crown as symbols of power.


Likewise, the god Zeus had the ability to transform into an eagle as a symbol of power and/or a bull as an emblem of fertility, being known for his adventures that caused descendants among gods and heroes such as Athens, Apollo, Dionysus, Helena, among others.

It is noteworthy that Zeus was considered the lord of men and the ruler of the other gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Zeus participated in various cults and received different titles such as: Zeus Olympus, Zeus Agoreu, among others, but without a doubt his main cult center was Olympia, known for the gigantic statue of Zeus, created by the sculptor Phidias.

The Greeks in their sculptures worked Zeus with an upright posture and majestic pose, and in some arts they added a thunderbolt in his right hand. The statue of Zeus in Olympia was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, in addition to the Olympic Games being held in his honor.

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As for its etymology, the word Zeus comes from the Greek ZeuVin turn this name derives from the Indo-European root dyeu-/dyu- which means “daylight”.

History of Zeus

The god Zeus was the son of Cronus -the strongest of the Titans- and Rhea -sister of Cronus-. His father Cronos, fearing the rivalry of his children, guided by Gea, considered “Mother Earth”, and Uranus, which means “Sky”, devoured his children after they were born, except Zeus, who when Rhea was about to be born looked for Gea who conceived a plan to save him.

Zeus, was born on the island of Crete, created in the cave of Mount Ida, under the care of Gea. The god Zeus lives because his mother Rhea gives his father Crono a stone covered in baby clothes to deceive him, which worked and was swallowed by him.

However, when Zeus becomes an adult, he declares war on his father, being defeated by his own son Zeus, and forces him to resurrect his brothers. Likewise, he freed the cyclopes -members belonging to the giant race, characterized by a single eye in the middle of the forehead- from the tyranny of Cronos and they offered him the weapons of thunder and lightning as a reward.

Zeus first married Metis (goddess of prudence) who would give birth to a girl, the goddess Athens (goddess of wisdom, war and beauty). Being his second wife Themis (goddess of justice) with whom he had his daughters Moiras, Horas, Nymphs and Hesperides.

From his marriage to Mnemosyne (goddess of memory) the muses Clio (protective and inspiring muse of history), Euterpe (music), Talía (comedy and poetry) and Urania (astronomy) were born. Also, he married his sister Hera (goddess of marriage), but had other wives.

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