We explain what simplicity is, its characteristics and how it is related to humility. Also, phrases from famous authors about simplicity. A simple person deals with his own life and his own opportunities at ease. What is simplicity? Simplicity (also called plainness or modesty) It is a moral value that … Read More


We explain what modesty is and how it differs from humility. In addition, we tell you what false modesty is. Modesty is associated with humility, modesty and simplicity, which are forms of moderation. What is modesty? Modesty is the absence of vanity or conceit, that is, a form of humility, … Read More


We explain what mercy is and in what forms of action it can manifest itself. In addition, we tell you what divine mercy is. Mercy leads to trying to help or alleviate the pain of another. What is mercy? The mercy It is a feeling of sympathy and compassion experienced … Read More

Personal Goals

We explain what short- and long-term personal goals are. In addition, we tell you what the steps are to establish them. To the extent that someone achieves their personal goals, their personal satisfaction increases. What are personal goals? Personal goals or personal objectives They are the conditions, achievements or events … Read More

Self Realisation

We explain what self-actualization is and what its place is in Maslow’s pyramid. Also, what a self-actualized person is like. The paths to self-actualization can vary from one person to the next. What is self-realization? Self-realization or self-satisfaction is the achievement of personal goals and aspirations through one’s own means, … Read More


We explain what it means to be submissive and what submissive people are like. Also, what are the best tips for someone submissive. Someone who is submissive easily assumes a position of subordination to others. What does it mean to be submissive? A submissive person is someone who demonstrates obedience … Read More


We explain what it means to love and what are the multiple meanings it can have. In addition, we tell you how it is different from loving. You can love family and friends, but you can also want to get something. What does it mean to want? Want is a … Read More


We explain what ingenuity is and why it is related to creativity. In addition, we tell you the origin and history of the term. Ingenuity is the mental disposition toward rapid creativity. What is ingenuity? Ingenuity is the mental disposition towards rapid and short-term creativity, that is, the ability to … Read More


We explain what a dilemma is, what types exist and what ethical or moral dilemmas are. Also, how they are used in narratives. In a dilemma, no decision is completely acceptable. What is a dilemma? A dilemma or dilemma is an issue or choice in which there are only two … Read More


We explain what leisure is, its history and why it is a human need. Also, what types of leisure exist and multiple examples. The tourism industry, the entertainment industry and the cultural industry depend on leisure. What is leisure? Leisure, also called free time, is time that is not dedicated … Read More