We explain what a gap year is, the origin of this practice and what its benefits are. In addition, we give you ideas to implement it. A gap year can help you change your perspective on your life or work. What is a gap year? One sabatic year It is … Read More

Educative Community

We explain what the educational community is and how it is integrated into society. In addition, we tell you what its objectives are. The educational community encompasses those who affect and are affected by the educational process. What is the educational community? The educational community is the set of social … Read More


We explain what trolls are on social networks and how to identify them. In addition, we tell you what the strategies are to deal with them. A troll only seeks to annoy, usually as a strategy to gain attention. What is a troll? In the slang of the internet and … Read More


We explain what a gang is and what types exist. In addition, we tell you why criminal gangs are a current social problem. A gang is a group that meets to carry out different activities together. What is a gang? A gang It is an informal group of people who … Read More


We explain what collaboration is, why it is important for human beings and what types exist. Also, how to encourage collaboration. The greater the margin of collaboration of a group, the greater the benefits achieved. What is collaboration? The colaboration It is the joint, coordinated and cooperative action of two … Read More

Social Environment

We explain what the social environment of a person or an activity is and how it impacts them. Also, in what areas is the term used. The social environment ranges from the groups of belonging to the available resources. What is the social environment? The social environment It is the … Read More


We explain what exclusion or segregation is and what types exist. In addition, we tell you what the causes of social exclusion are. Economic exclusion leads to unemployment and poverty. What is exclusion? Exclusion or segregation is the expulsion, elimination or omission of an element from the group to which … Read More


We explain what a role is in the social context and in a work team. In addition, we tell you what role-playing games are. The role indicates the pre-established functions assigned to each person in a given situation. What is a role? A role or role It is the function … Read More

Generation Y (millennials)

We explain what generation Y or millennials is, their characteristics and what important events they experienced. Also, what are the other generations. The name “millennials” is because generation Y was the last of the 20th century. What is generation Y? Generation Y, better known as the millennial generation (a term … Read More


We explain what a subculture is, its characteristics, and multiple examples. Also, how is it different from a counterculture. Subcultures tend to be more stable and long-lasting than urban tribes. What is a subculture? A subculture is a more or less organized set of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shared by … Read More