We explain what abundance is, what meanings this term can have and how it is related to wealth and prosperity.

In a market there is an abundance of exotic fruits.
Something is said to be abundant when it can be found easily.

What is abundance?

Abundance is the availability of resources in large quantities. It is said that something is abundant when it can be found easily, that is, when it is in a situation contrary to scarcity. For example, when it is said that water exists galore On Earth, it refers to the fact that a good part of the planet is covered in water and it is easy, therefore, to find it.

The word “abundance”, as well as the verb “abundant”, come from the Latin verb I will aboundwhich translates as “overflow” or “overflow” (it is composed of ab-“without external limit”, and unda, “wave”). It was originally used to refer to rivers and seas that, as a result of the climate, exceeded their natural limits and flooded the surrounding spaces. But it acquired a metaphorical meaning for everything that exceeds what was initially planned.

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Abundance, wealth and prosperity

Although, in a strict sense, the terms “abundance”, “wealth” and “prosperity” have a different meaning, it is common to see them used as more or less synonyms, since They share a positive and desirable connotation, especially when it comes to economics and finance..

Abundance refers to what exceeds the initially planned limits.how can it be an abundant harvest, that is, one that yields more fruit than was initially thought there would be. However, depending on the case, abundant aspects may not be positive or desirable: a person may have “abundant difficulties,” for example.

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Instead, Wealth and prosperity are terms associated with a positive aspect of abundance. The first is defined in the Spanish language dictionary as “abundance of goods and precious things” or “abundance of excellent qualities or attributes”, that is, it is used when abundance is a desired resource. Similarly, prosperity is understood as the “favorable course of things,” that is, good luck in the affairs one undertakes.

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