We explain what a blogger or blogger is and what his philosophy is. In addition, we tell you what a professional blogger is and famous examples.

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A blogger is someone who spends a significant portion of their time offering content on their blog.

What is a blogger?

A blogger, sometimes also called blogger (taken from English), is a person who is dedicated to writing and updating an online blog or blog (Anglo-Saxon contraction of Web log), either amateur or professional. In a strict sense, anyone who has a blog can be considered a blogger, but it is usual to reserve this term for those who dedicate a significant portion of their time to it.

Bloggers appeared on the Internet in the mid-1990s, when the first blogging services emerged. blogging, that is, online blogs through which to share thoughts, stories, reflections and other writings with the netizen community. Nevertheless, this profession did not have a proper name until approximately the year 2000when blogs reached their peak of popularity.

The vast majority of bloggers dedicate themselves to writing out of the pure desire to share their ideas and opinions with the digital public, and their blogs are updated with a personal and arbitrary periodicity. However, blogs can also become work and marketing tools.

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The “blogging philosophy”

In general, bloggers They are usually people with a great expressive capacity and a self-taught willsince it is a very recent digital communication medium that often undergoes numerous changes and updates.

In addition, the trends in cultural consumption through the Internet are usually very changeable, very volatile and unpredictable, and those who are dedicated to blogging normally compete for visibility, to keep their audience and to make their blog more than just a mere entertainment.

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Although there is not exactly a universal code or philosophy for bloggers, there are, however, some commitments and guidelines specific to the so-called blogosphere, that is to say, of the group of those who drive and read what is written in the numerous existing blogs. For example, plagiarism is considered in bad tastewhether you copy something from another blog or transcribe the content of a magazine as if it were your own.

Similarly, from a blogger you are expected to be faithful to your own blog, update it, improve it, personalize it And don’t settle for free or standard templates from search services. blogging. The blogger’s commitment to his reading community is provide you with original information, the result of personal experience or researcharound a specific topic, which can be from personal stories and anecdotes, to useful information for gardening, pet care or technology.

What is a professional blogger?

professional bloggers bloggers
Professional bloggers like Sarah Britten can generate income through their blogs.

In some cases, the dedication of people to their blogs can become more than a hobby, and be a profession similar to that of a writer. professional bloggers They dedicate time and effort to their blogs, generating original and attractive content that their audience likes and guarantees them large virtual visits..

In fact, the most visited and consulted blogs on the internet often have sponsors and generate dividends for their authors through advertising or online stores, making them part of a business scheme. The possibility of being a professional blogger is typical of the 21st century and part of the new work options available thanks to the Internet and ICT.

famous bloggers

Some of the most famous bloggers in the blogosphere at the beginning of the 21st century are:

  • Noah Kagan. Creator of, this blogger and founder of two successful companies offers his readers tips and tricks to get inspired and create monetizable content.
  • Darren Rowse. Founder of blogging platforms such as b5media and, this multifaceted blogger talks about various topics in his space: photography, wine, movies, reading and gastronomy.
  • matt cutts. Considered “the voice of Google,” he is a well-known and well-liked blogger, despite the fact that his blogs are updated at a rate below the average for professional bloggers. His posts can be read at
  • Enrique Dans. One of the most famous bloggers in Spain, he dedicates himself on his blog to informing and reflecting on topics of technological interest such as artificial intelligence, the machine learning and ICT.
  • Jose Roman Hernandez. He is an important Spanish blogger who created his blog when he was just a student, and today he is a professional blogger dedicated to informatics dissemination and culture 2.0, with a strong emphasis on humor. and geek culture.
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Tips for creating a blog

Some useful tips when creating a blog are:

  • Plan and know what to look for. As in other types of projects, when creating a blog it is ideal to know exactly what you are looking for. A blog is a versatile tool that allows you to create both a personal and intimate space as well as a professional one with commercial impact. So every blogger starting out should know what they want to achieve with their new blog and what topics and from what perspectives they want to post on it.
  • choose a good design. Once the objective of the blog to be created has been identified, it is convenient to choose a design that is consistent with this planned goal. Blogging platforms usually offer pre-designed templates, many of which can be used to get started, although sooner or later you will want to switch to your own design, which provides the reader with a unique, non-standardized aesthetic.
  • Write for a specific audience. No one can interest everyone, and there is no use trying, so the best thing for any blogger is to know who their readers are and what they are looking for in their blog. In this way, you can offer the appropriate content and be faithful to your own line of work, without necessarily giving in to the “trending topics” or fashion topics.
  • Stand out from the rest. It is important to know that there are thousands of blogs in which practically all topics are written. That is not to say that they are all the same, however, and the task of a blogger is to give their space a distinctive mark, both in the aesthetic treatment of their digital resources and in the quality of the text presented. You must offer something different, that is, something of your own.
  • Choose a hosting and your own internet domain. Once the blog has taken off and has its own personality and readership, it’s time to buy your own hosting and domain, to house the blog’s growing list of archives and so people can reach it directly through of your own URL. This is particularly important if you want to monetize your blog or start some type of online business.
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