Primary Sector

What is the primary sector?

As primary sector is called that sector of the economy that includes the productive activities of the extraction and obtaining of raw materials.

The primary economic activities They are related to the subtraction of the nature of the materials destined for consumption or industry from natural resources. For example:

  • farming
  • cattle raising
  • beekeeping
  • aquaculture
  • fishing
  • mining
  • forestry
  • logging

Primary products are not processed, but must still go through transformation processes to be converted into goods or merchandise.

The predominance of activities in the primary sector over activities in other sectors of the economy is usually pointed out as a characteristic of less developed countries.

The primary sector is made up of some of the oldest economic activities practiced by human beings, such as gathering, hunting or fishing.

The Neolithic revolution brought with it the emergence of agriculture and livestock, which meant the transition from nomadism to sedentary lifestyle, from harvesting to cultivation, fundamental activities for the evolution of humanity since prehistory.

Difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sector

Economic activity is divided into three basic productive sectors according to the type of processes and activities involved.

The primary sector It is the one that covers the activities focused on obtaining or extracting raw materials from natural resources.

The secondary sector, for its part, is the one in charge of processing and transforming these raw materials into goods or products for consumption. It is the industrial sector, characterized by the use of machinery. It includes factories, workshops, laboratories, as well as the construction industry.

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The third sector, on the other hand, encompasses all economic activities related to services. In this sense, it does not produce material goods, but is responsible for delivering the products made by the secondary sector to the consumer. In the tertiary sector, among other activities, are trade, communications and transport.

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