what is a crime

crime is the moment or action that violates what is established by law: the legal norm that orders, prohibits or allows behaviors in a certain society punished with prison sentences, community work or fines.

To the serious crimes They are also called crimes, although in the legal sense they are all crimes, leaving the crime almost exclusively for murders.

The legal and doctrinal definition of the crime according to article 7 of the Penal Code of the State of Mexico is “the act or omission punishable by criminal law”.

The elements of the crime

The elements of the crime according to the Criminal Code of the State of Mexico and considering their positive or negative points are:

  • The conduct or lack thereof
  • The typicality or atypicality
  • The illegality or its causes
  • The imputability or not of the crime
  • The guilt or not of the subject
  • Objective conditionality or lack thereof
  • Punishability or acquittal excuses

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