What is a bourgeois What bourgeois is called the individual belonging to the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie is a dominant social class in capitalist systems, owner of the means of production, trade and finance. In this sense, when a person is designated as bourgeoisreference is being made to the fact that … Read More

Middle Ages

What is the Middle Ages and its characteristics What Middle Ages is called the historical period spanning from the 5th century to the end of the 15th century of our era. Also known as medieval either medieval. It must be written with capital letters in the initials. As such, the … Read More


what is imperialism imperialism is a regime of political domination in which a military power extends its dominion over other peoples or states by force or through economic, cultural or political influence. In this sense, as imperialism can also be designated the attitude and doctrine of those who practice imperialism. … Read More


what is numismatics Numismatics is an auxiliary science of archeology and history that deals with knowledge of the coins or medals issued by a nation. Similarly, the word “numismatics” is related to the hobby of collecting coins or medals. The term numismatics derives from the Latinname”, that is, currency. Numismatics … Read More

Meaning of Cold War

What is Cold War: It is called the Cold War political and ideological confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union o Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), for wanting to impose their hegemonies on the rest of the world. The Cold War It began shortly after the end … Read More

What is NATO and Its Meaning

NATO is the acronym that corresponds to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in English NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It is a political-military alliance between North American and European countries created in 1949, during the Cold War, which is guided by the North Atlantic Treaty. The North Atlantic Treaty, also … Read More

What is Olympus in Greek Mythology

Olympus it means the highest among the highest. As such, it is the name of the mountain where, according to Greek mythology, the gods resided. It is also the name of the highest mountain in Greece. The word, in this sense, comes from the Greek ῎Ολυμπος (Ólympos), which means ‘the … Read More

What is Mythology

What mythology is called the set of myths typical of a people or culture. Myths, meanwhile, are narratives starring gods, heroes or fantastic beings, which explain or give meaning to certain events or phenomena. The word, as such, comes from the Latin mythologyand this in turn from the Greek μυθολογία … Read More

Inquisition (Holy Inquisition)

What is the Inquisition The Inquisitionalso known as Holy InquisitionIt was a institution dedicated to the investigation, conviction and punishment of heresywhich was linked to the Catholic Church. Its period of operation extended from the Middle Ages, when in 1184 the first inquisitorial organ was inaugurated in France, until the … Read More

Mayan Culture

What is the Mayan culture When we speak of the Mayan culture, we refer to the pre-columbian civilizationwhich developed over approximately 2600 years and that inhabited much of the region called Mesoamerica. Among the territories occupied by the Mayans are certain territories of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and southeastern … Read More