We explain what is a poser, why it is a socially rejected attitude and various examples. In addition, we tell you the origin of the term.

A poser he pretends to belong to an urban tribe without professing any of its values.

What is a poser?

In the jargon of the internet and social networks, as well as that of urban tribes, a poser is an individual who pretends to be what he is not, that is, that assumes a pose or appearance with which to pass as a member of an urban tribe or a counterculture, without professing any of its values ​​or its philosophies or social behaviors. This activity is also known as posturing.

The word poser It comes from English, a language in which it can have the same meaning, and reaches Spanish as a loan (that is, an Anglicism, which must always be written in italics in formal contexts), due to the strong influence of the Anglo-Saxon language in the Internet world and social networks. poser in Spanish it would come to be synonymous with “impostor”, “pretender”, and even “snob”.

So, for example, a person who chooses his clothes to look like a punkbut who does not adhere to the countercultural values ​​of the movement and the urban tribe, can be accused of being a poserthat is, to “pose like punk” or “pretend to be punk”. The distinction between posers and true followers can be very important for urban tribes and contemporary subcultures, since these are closely linked to personal and collective identity.

Some examples of use of the term poser are:

  • “George is a poserhe dresses in skateboarding but he doesn’t even know how to get on a skateboard.”
  • “With me you don’t need that routine of poserI know who you really are.”
  • “Ana says that she loves classical music, but only when she is with that group of friends. she is a tremendous poser”.
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Something similar occurs with the so-called “culturetas”, a term used in Spain for those who pretend to have a general culture or a certain cultural interest with the sole purpose of pleasing others or playing a leading role in a group.

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