We explain what it means that something is lit either lit af and how these expressions are used in social networks. Also, what is its meaning in other jargons.

lit slang social networks
lit it can be something “cool” or a festive and happy mood.

What do “lit” and “lit af” mean?

In social media jargon, lit is an expression used to express that something has a very positive assessment for the speaker, that is, as a synonym for “great”, “excellent” or “cool”. Like this last word, lit It is a loan from English, that is, an Anglicism, and for that reason it should be written in italics when it comes to a formal context.

This word comes from the past conjugation of the English verb to light (“turn on”), so that it could be translated as “lit” or “radiant”. In the Anglo-Saxon language, it is quite common to compare sudden joy or happiness to the turning on of a light, for example, saying that someone’s “face lit up” when opening a gift (her/his face lit up as she opened her present).

Secondly, in rap music and other street slang the term is used lit as a synonym for “intoxicated”, that is, “drunk” or “drugged,” a usage that originated in English more than a century ago, and has come back into vogue. For that reason, lit He also went on to describe the party atmosphere, the excitement and merriment of the festivities. Hence it is used in other contexts to refer to fun, joy, or good timesand with that sense it went on loan to Spanish, given the predominance of English in social networks and the 2.0 world.

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In this same context, lit af consists of an abbreviation of the superlative expression lit as fuck, which would come to mean “fired to the bone” or “fired to the bone” (although expressed in a much more rude way). With this expression, it is meant that something or someone is fun, good or attractive beyond all limits. For example:

  • “That post stuck with you lit afdude”.
  • “Maria’s sister is lit af”.
  • “Yesterday we went to Pedro’s party, everything was lit af”.

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Other uses of the term “lit”

In Hispanic contexts of social networks and community 2.0, it is possible to find the term “lit” used with connotations different from the original ones in the English language. In this case, it is an abbreviation of “literal”, which means that things happened in the exact way in which they are told, without exaggerations or metaphors. For example:

  • “My girlfriend is lit in China” (“literally in China”).
  • “Yesterday we ate lit a kilo of potatoes” (“literally a kilo of potatoes”).

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