Fifth Generation of Computers

We explain what the fifth generation of computers is, when they were created and their characteristics. Also, other generations of computers. The fifth generation spans from smartphones to computers used in nanotechnology. What is the fifth generation of computers? The fifth generation of computers is the set of computers designed … Read More

Sixth Generation of Computers

We explain what the sixth generation of computers is and what features they are expected to have. Also, other generations of computers. The sixth generation will take advantage of current technologies, such as artificial intelligence. What is the sixth generation of computers? The sixth generation of computers It will be … Read More


We explain everything about airplanes and how they fly. We also tell you how they were invented and what the first models were. The plane is the most important means of long-distance transportation in the contemporary world. What is an airplane? A plane, airplane or aircraft It is an autonomous … Read More

Computer Program

We explain what a computer program is, what types exist and multiple examples. Also, what are program licenses. Some programs are fixed and permanent on the system, while others are accessory. What is a computer program? A computer program or computer program is a complex sequence of digital instructions designed … Read More


We explain what a computer is, its history and its importance today. Also, what other names does it receive? Computers became an essential tool in the contemporary world. What is a computer? A computer It is a digital and programmable computer system. The term “computer”, from Latin computer (“that puts … Read More

Steam Machine

We explain what a steam engine is and why its invention was important. In addition, we tell you what its applications were. Although the steam engine was created in the 17th century, its antecedents date back to Antiquity. What is the steam engine? The steam machine It is a type … Read More


We explain what an artifact is and in what contexts it is correct to use this term. In addition, we give you examples of artifacts of different types. Artifacts are objects of deliberate manufacture, which have a single, pre-established purpose. What is an artifact? An artifact is some type of … Read More

Technological Objects

We explain what technological objects are, their characteristics and what types exist. In addition, we tell you what functions they may have. We use technological objects all the time in our daily lives. What is a technological object? Technological objects or technological artifacts They are the devices, gadgets and tools … Read More

Technical Means

We explain what are the technical means that can be used in a procedure. In addition, we give you examples and the functions of each one. Technical means compensate for the limitations of the human body. What are technical means? The technical means are the set of instruments, procedures or … Read More

Technological Field

We explain what the technological field is and what elements make it up. In addition, we tell you what examples are currently found. In a technological field, tangible and intangible elements come together. What is a technological field? A technological field or technological area It is the area of ​​application … Read More